July 23, 2024

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They say wildfires often occur

They say wildfires often occur

According to a study released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), this phenomenon will increase by 30 percentage points by 2050, while by the end of the century it will be 50 percent.

Evidence that the Arctic is also recognized as one of the threatened areas cites data from a report entitled Wildfire Spreads: Extraordinary fire hazards on the ground from the United Nations Environment Program.

In recent years, unprecedented wildfire seasons have been observed around the world, creating a foretaste of the future.

He warned that there would be some huge increases in areas not experienced such as the Arctic and Central Europe, and that tropical forests in Indonesia and the southern Amazon are likely to burn further if greenhouse gas emissions continue at current rates.

The WMO added that wildlife and their natural habitats are rarely protected from the effects of this phenomenon, leaving some animal and plant species on the brink of extinction.

He pointed out that disasters in Australia in 2020 would have killed billions of domestic and wild specimens.

The report concludes that wildfires and climate change are exacerbating each other.

For example, fire events are exacerbated by global warming due to extreme drought, high air temperature, low humidity, lightning and strong winds.

Meanwhile, he deepened, climate change is exacerbated by burning, making it difficult to stop global warming, mainly due to the destruction of sensitive and carbon-rich ecosystems such as the beetlands and tropical forests.

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