December 4, 2022

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Severe Weather Eva: New Emergency Bulletin of Dangerous Weather Events

The Emergency bulletin of hazardous weather events Released yesterday by EMY for striking intensity Bad weather Eva Updated as per latest forecast data. It is pointed out that there are no substantial differences and the same is repeated.

More specifically:

A severe weather system named “EVA” is forming a depression in northern Italy on Friday that will move southeast and cause severe weather in most parts of the country.

from Saturday morning (05-11-2022) till Sunday evening (06-11-2022) hazardous weather events will occur at places, the main characteristics of which will be heavy rainfall, high velocity locally and high frequency of lightning.

Additional information:

Saturday (05-11-2022) Strong and hazardous weather events will affect:

a) North Ionian and Epirus from the morning,

b) Noon to South Ionian, Western Styria and Western Peloponnese,

c) Events from the evening over Eastern Peloponnese, Central Styria, Eastern Thessaly, Western and Central Macedonia and,

d) All of Eastern Styria (including Attica), Thessaly and Evia at night.

Attica Intermittent impact from Saturday (05-11-2022) evening to Sunday (06-11-2022) noon.

Heavy rain and storm will occur on Sunday (06-11-2022):

a) By noon in the Ionian Sea,

b) Afternoon on mainland (except Thrace),

c) From morning in Cyclades, Crete and Sporades


d) Noon to Dodecanese

It is worth noting that these events will be particularly intense in western and central Macedonia, eastern Thessaly and the Sporades.

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