March 4, 2024

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To ND: The set-off is disgusting and unfair to you

To ND: The set-off is disgusting and unfair to you

It is a consistent tactic when someone has their back against the wall due to some of their wrongdoings or misdeeds, to call out similar behaviors to their accusers. This practice is captured in the well-known “You’re the One Who Tortured Blacks” joke.

At first glance, this line of defense appears effective, as it provides an alibi for the defendant’s friends. “I did the same,” they reply to their opponents and believe the match ends in a draw. But it is not.

These compensatory behaviors alienate people. They repel many people and contribute to the assertion that “everyone is the same.” Really, it’s a wonder how seasoned politicians don’t realize this. Especially politicians who clearly do not accept compromise and try to move in the field of nuances and differences of value. They are trying with their words not only to address their narrow audience, but to a wider audience that wants to hear something more than recriminations. What we call “cockfighting”.

Today – no one doubts it – the citizens are very angry. Whatever they say to them, they don’t listen. The price of tragedy is too heavy for them to deal with what happened up to 2014, what up until 2019, what the New Republic has received and what it’s done since.

After all, each side plays with numbers, which, as is well known, are particularly distasteful to the average citizen. Not only do they tire him out which is why he skips them, but at the same time he knows how masterful stat manipulation he is. So every time he hears the numbers he changes the channel or if he can’t, he yawns.

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I frankly do not understand what the discussion between Messrs. Gerapetritis and Spertzes can offer. Friends of both parties might argue that one of them had defeated their opponent, and that ordinary people—that is, those outside the political microcosm—would remain indifferent to the duel.

And it is incomprehensible to me to try to balance the candidacy of Karamanlis with the candidacy of N. Pappas. The faction that wants to differ from its opponent, because this is what the new democracy promotes, does not compensate. But by her behavior she shows her superiority in practice. “And you are the one who tortures the blacks” is a diminutive of the new democracy. You decide to run defined by other criteria and not offset 13-0.

I can understand the political, as well as human, trauma to the government from the Tempe tragedy is great. Where he was preparing to walk the election on April 9, he now faces a derby that takes place almost two months later. So it makes sense that they don’t think clearly.

But it is an elementary rule that cannot be matched by a liberal bourgeois party. He rejects this process because it is demeaning to politics and the faction itself.