September 22, 2023

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Turkey: “Hakim” begins by saying “there must be revenge in Greece”

Turkey: “Hakim” begins by saying “there must be revenge in Greece”

“Witcher/Itch” is the title of Guneri Cevaoglu’s opinion piece published in Turkish nationality It refers to the relations between Greece – turkey.

On TV, even ‘wise’ men like Mr. General H. Dr. Naim Baburoglu began saying,There must be revenge In Greece “” the article notes and adds that Turkish President Erdogan made an appeal to Greece and the forces behind it – on which Greece depends – can be summarized in “be cerfull”But the wave of pressure is gradually increasing in Turkish public opinion.

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“We will drown you”

As stated in the article in which Tsivaoglou was used, where he mentions the views of the Turkish Vice-Captain ea Erdogan Kirkos:.

“We will drown you with a spoon of water,” it was said years ago on the Turkish side. In fact, conditions have been this way for a long time. Turkey was “clearly” superior in air and naval forces. On the other hand, the ground forces had the overwhelming advantage of descending to Athens within 24 or 48 hours by crossing Evros and entering Thrace.

“What has changed nowadays and why does Greece constantly stand like this? It is as if he wants to ignite the conflict.

the information

“To capture what we call ‘open information’, which anyone can see on the internet. Turkey has 47 F-4 and 238 F-16 fighter jets.

»29 of them carry fuel tanks on their wings.

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“I mean…

“He can use this fuel tank for long trips.

“Greece has 149 F-16, 35 F-4, 50 (French) Mirage and 18 Rafale combat aircraft.

“Turkey still has an advantage of about 40 aircraft. The planes of both sides are equipped with electronic warfare equipment. Both sides have radar planes,” he added.

»Greece has approximately 90 aircraft with fuel tanks.

“I mean…

» For long trips…

Land and Naval Forces

» Land and naval forces. Turkey is of course much better. but…

“The United States has already settled in Alexandroupoli with its armored forces and all air and ground equipment. If the Turkish armed forces crossed the Ebro River, they would face a barrage of American forces. Greece also erected a wall along the border, presumably against immigrants. Behind the wall trenches of varying heights were dug. Between 7 and 30 metres. The stakes in the trenches are intended to block the tracks of Turkish tanks in the event of a collision.Even if these matters were overcome – as I mentioned – the American forces chose both sides.

“Our navy is of course much better. But…

The need for air defense

“We need to protect the air, and that is in our best interest practically and in the period we are in.

On the other hand, Greece is arming the islands in violation of the Treaty of Lausanne, although it does not have the right to do so. It also inhabits small islands owned by Turkey or small islands that have no owner. And she’s been doing so openly for years. It is interesting that the US and the EU can make statements such as “Greece’s undisputed sovereignty over the islands of the Aegean”.

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“Greece is spending huge expenditures in order to convert the relatively unfavorable air situation to it. Soon another 18 Rafale aircraft will arrive at their bases. It is also about to receive about 100 F-35s [sic], of which we were one of the producers, but was sidelined. The first delivery will take place in 2027.

Most importantly, Greece and Cyprus are in the process of concluding an agreement with Israel to purchase “two Iron Domes”. Iron Dome is an air defense system that provides almost 100% protection against aircraft and missiles. America also asked Israel for Iron Dome. It paid Israel $1 billion to develop the system.

“And the…

“I should also mention that Greece has 6 Patriot land defense systems – which the United States did not give to Turkey. There is also a Russian S-300 missile system that has not been put into service. Let me stress that in addition to equipping the Greek islands in violation of the Treaty of Lausanne, there are also many US bases. Greece and Cyprus are now in the process of obtaining from the United States the effective HIMARS missiles that Ukraine has successfully used to force the retreat of Russian forces.


On the other hand, Turkey uses an important strategic weapon – including the engine – as one hundred percent domestic production. I’m talking about the “Kızıllelma” missile project. If it is installed on a drone, which will reach a speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour, the Kyzylma will be a “supersonic missile at four times the speed of sound.” very Influential. There is also a program to import domestically produced Turkish combat aircraft, which has been accelerated. The acquisition of the 4.5-generation Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jet, which was produced by a multinational consortium in the UK, is one option being discussed. The reason we prefer the Eurofighter Typhoon over Russian and Chinese combat aircraft is that it meets NATO standards.

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With the encouragement of the United States and the European Union

“After all this, it would be useful to think about what Greece is being instigated by the United States and the European Union, and for what purpose.

“My impression is that in any potential conflict, the goal is to ‘hit the Turkish war industry…’

“You know…

» $16 billion Eskisehir Aircraft Factory, Roketsan, Aselsan, Havelsan, Tübitak, two facilities of the Turkish Air Force at Ikonium, Ankara and Eskisehir facilities.

I used the subtitle ‘It’s a Dream’, and I’m correcting it. ‘It’s a raw dream!!!’


Turkey should stop this toxic escalation through “coercive diplomacy” or by opening other serious cards before Greece is bolstered by others in the air.”