October 1, 2023

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Twitter: Reports of long delays for “giant” sites

Twitter: Reports of long delays for “giant” sites

serious complaints of the giant sites against Elon Muskwho accuse them of trying to slow down access to their links through the “X” (formerly Twitter) platform, and of carrying out a “retaliatory” action against them because he “hates” them.

That’s what his report says guardianIt transmits the reports of the “giants” of the Internet, the media and social media, such as the New York Times, Reuters, Instagram and Blue Sky.

Another popular and influential news site, The Washington Post, ran a test to test these claims, and found that there are indeed delays of up to five seconds if someone clicks on any of the links on the aforementioned sites. In particular, the link opened on a screen that remained blank for a few seconds until it took the visitor to the website in question.

The delay seems to include links only t.co a service that modifies and shortens links posted on Twitter.

These are pages that have either criticized Musk’s platform or are simply tough competitors.

This method of holding is also known as “stuffy” (specifically, bandwidth throttling) It aims to limit bandwidth, which aims to limit the speed of the incoming or outgoing data connection on a network node or network device.

This is a deliberate slowdown of Internet connection speeds by the provider, which increases the wait for the page to load.

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