March 4, 2024

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Two nights in Karaiskakis can change a lot for the “red and white” and the news about Hamis

Two nights in Karaiskakis can change a lot for the “red and white” and the news about Hamis

Olympiacos is preparing for a decisive match against Aris and PAOK at their base, knowing that if they reach 2/2 they have a chance to move up the standings, at the same time they are waiting for news on the status. James Rodriguez.

Olympiacos enters a period with consecutive and decisive matches in which the competitive and mental preparation of the footballers, the passion, faith, combativeness, competence and depth of the squad play an important role. But at the same time, the “red and white” should make the most of their home turf in the league playoffs in an effort to win the title.

The Piraeus team did not perform well in terms of results in Valero during the regular season of the Stoiximan Super League in the matches against the teams in the top six, where they only beat Aris (1-0), and drew. With Panathinaikos (0-0), AEK (0-0) and Volos (1-1) and lost to PAOK (1-2). However, Mitchell and the footballers are eager to change this, as this is the only way they will get what they want.

The goal is the six points that will make him more assertive in the competition

The goal of the Spanish coach and the players of Olympiacos is to collect six points in the matches against Aris on Sunday (2/4, 21:00 COSMOTE SPORT 1HD and LIVE from Sport 24) and PAOK next Wednesday (5/4) in “Georgios Karaiskakis”, which will put them more strongly in the claim the title.

The “red and white” can be placed – according to the conditions – in the first two positions of the standings or even climb to the top, as if two wins would amount to 65 points, while Panathinaikos – who has 62 points – will face Volos (at home) and Aris ( away) while AEK – who has 60 points – plays PAOK (away) and Volos (away).

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The next two matches against the two teams from Thessaloniki are particularly crucial for Olympiacos, who want to take advantage of the schedule of the first round of the qualifiers, as things are more difficult in the second round.

The Piraeus team wants to be in the first week of April in the positions that give a ticket to the Champions League qualifiers, that is, the first or the second, and they go with a different atmosphere in the derby with Panathinaikos (9/4) in the “Apostolos”. Nikolaidis”.

Naturally, Mitchell’s priority at the moment is the victory of Olympiacos over Aris and PAOK in front of the red and white fans in the full stands of “Georgios Karaiskakis”.

The experienced coach and players want to keep their world “warm” after the good results of the past few weeks in the league, and at the same time, send a message that they will fight with all their might to the end to win the title. Title.

The internationals are back, waiting for Hamis

In terms of competition, all the internationals are back on base, but James, Huang, Samasekou and Bacapu will appear today at Rente Ricopre, which means the Spanish coach has yet to complete the mystery of the eleven.

In particular, on Friday (31/3) Mitchell will wait for news from the medical staff in Olympiacos, regarding the examinations that Hamis is expected to undergo, who returned from his duties with the Colombian national team suffering from leg problems (hamstrings).

Also, Coach Red and White will have a private chat with Inbom Huang and Samaseku to be updated on their status after their matches against South Korea and Mali respectively. At the same time, he will test Belle and Imbella for the second day, drawing his conclusions before the match with Ares.

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As for the starting line-up for the match against yellow and black, Pashalakis, Rodini, Papastathopoulos, Ba, Rebechuk, Samassikou, Huang, Kanos, Pele O Masouras, Fortunis and Bakabu are the leaders at the moment.