July 14, 2024

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Ukraine: The UN Security Council fails to take a decision on humanitarian aid

Ukraine: The UN Security Council fails to take a decision on humanitarian aid

Ukraine: The UN Security Council fails to take a decision on humanitarian aid

It was initially envisaged on Tuesday that a French-Mexican draft resolution on humanitarian aid in Russia-invaded Ukraine would be put to a vote at the United Nations Security Council, which faced complications this week, unlike Paris’s European countries and allies.

According to diplomats, polling is no longer imminent and may take place until next week.

The issue of “humanitarian corridors,” raised Thursday by Russian and Ukrainian negotiators, could change the way the Security Council thinks (regarding their creation and potential protection), even if Russia is likely to veto any UN intervention that might interfere with its plans. The United Nations is absent from the Russian-Ukrainian talks.

On Sunday, the French presidency announced the Franco-Mexico project of the Security Council, which aims to “ensure unhindered humanitarian access.” This was followed by an emergency meeting on Monday at the initiative of Emmanuel Macron.

Several sources told AFP that this “rush”, as described by a diplomat who asked not to be identified, was not to the taste of the United States. A US draft resolution condemning the Russian invasion, drafted jointly with Albania, ran into a Russian veto on February 25.

Washington, backed by London, found the “timing” was not good and wanted to wait for a vote on a resolution – demanding an end to the Russian offensive – at the UN General Assembly. On Wednesday, he received 141 votes in favor and 5 against.

More seriously, members of the Security Council have been highly critical of a project deemed “weak” and which, it seems, does not include any condemnation of Russia. After several revisions, the text was “strengthened”, diplomats said, refusing any details.

Moderate or strong, the project in no way risks a new Russian veto.

– “End of time” –

For some members of the Council, the vote will make it possible to insist once again on the isolation of Moscow on the international stage. Possibly more than 11 votes out of 15, obtained on February 25, want to be believed diplomatically.

“However, we must not continue to seek a positive vote from India until the end of time,” he adds. For a week, New Delhi, under strong pressure from the United States, chose to abstain from the vote at the United Nations.

Originally, France had indicated that it expected a vote on Tuesday and that the text called for a cessation of hostilities, unhindered humanitarian access, and protection of civilians.

Over the past week, the humanitarian crisis has greatly worsened, according to the United Nations, with more than 10 million people expected to leave their homes in Ukraine in the coming weeks, including 4 million refugees who will cross the border, in addition to the 1 million already outside the country.

If “humanitarian corridors” were established to allow civilians to leave combat zones, this estimate could be revised upwards further.

“We are actively working with other members of the Council to ensure that we can all support a strong resolution calling for action to address the significant humanitarian crisis that Russia’s unprovoked and unprovoked aggression has sparked in Ukraine,” a spokeswoman for the US mission said. United Nations, in an interview with Agence France-Presse.

An immediate explanation could not be obtained from the diplomatic missions of France and Mexico.

“We have learned to be patient with the deliberations of the Security Council,” UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric commented Thursday in response to a question about the urgency of a decision by this body on the humanitarian aspect of the conflict.

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