September 29, 2023

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USA: Protesters protest against Prince William and Joe Biden

USA: Protesters protest against Prince William and Joe Biden

Its meeting was attended by approximately 100 demonstrators Prince William in boston with Joe BidenChanting slogans against the monarchy and the President of the United States.

Protesters could be heard chanting offensive slogans such as “Fuck the royal family” and “Joe Biden is on strike” as the two men met at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in the city.

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The meeting took place hours before the Earthshot Awards, the final event on The Prince and Princess of Wales’ three-day tour of Massachusetts.

What caused the reactions?

The protest followed a vote in the US Senate forcing railroad unions to negotiate a new labor contract, which would eliminate the provision of seven days sick leave for workers.

Biden signed the law on Thursday, citing the economic damage a rail strike at this time of year could do to the country.

“As far as the royal family is concerned, the joke is we kicked you out in 1776,” Nick Wurst of the United Railroad Workers told MailOnline. “I would tell Joe Biden and Prince William to watch out. Workers everywhere are picking up a stick and trying to strike back at the United States and Britain. The fight is not over.”

Claire Byler of the Independent Socialist Group added, “Our message to Joe Biden and Prince William is that workers will stand up for our rights, and that we are not ready to back down in this fight against corporate giants.”

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He added that Prince William and the royal family were “complicit in the exploitation of workers in the United Kingdom and the United States”.

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