April 18, 2024

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Video documents fight in canteen before Yanis Marcos and 26-year-old man are stabbed

Video documents fight in canteen before Yanis Marcos and 26-year-old man are stabbed

A closed-circuit camera in the canteen where businessman Yiannis Markou fought with the 26-year-old man, stabbing him and seriously injuring him, has emerged.

In the video released by Megha, the businessman can be seen wearing a white shirt and the 26-year-old in a black shirt.

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ELAS’ investigation to identify the 26-year-old is in full swing. He attacked and injured him with a knife Businessman John Markov.

According to the businessman’s lawyer, Yannis Marakakis, Yannis Marko is still there oppressionAs a more serious operation may take place tonight or tomorrow morning, the culprit is identified and it Marked thug.

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“I think Giannis Marcos got the stab wounds More than 15. The important thing is not the number, but the targeted points, the attacker hit the unfortunate Yannis, who was finally lucky because one of his friends rushed and took him to the hospital very quickly. We were saved from the worst. The doctors said that the major bleeding was in and around the major femoral artery. So the criminal had a deadly intent. This is a given. He scored in a professional way,” Yannis Marakakis told Alba.

“Yiannis Markou is a tall, fit and heavy man, and as he tried to hit him in the liver and ribs, he positioned his hands in such a way that he was saved from the worst. She was also hit there, but not as badly,” said the businessman’s lawyer.

As the lawyer mentioned, whether the group of the accused was there is still being investigated In the same shop where the businessman was before the attackBut the reason for the attempted murder.

“The attack happened in a split second and we didn’t realize it,” says his friend

“It sounds a bit strange, but it happened within a minute, at most. We were waiting in line, and the 25-year-old stepped in at the last minute to go ahead, and there was a verbal confrontation. At first it was casual, then it got more serious, and they left the store, near the road. Reached the point and that’s where it all started and we didn’t realize it,” the eyewitness told Mega.

“We saw John coming towards us covered in blood. The whole attack happened in a second. They don’t know each other. This is due to a trivial incident. We were bewildered as no one could give us an explanation. He was apparently drunk. He raised a knife at him. There was intense verbal aggression and he got it out in a second. From what we all understand, this is not the first time he has done it,” he added.

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