April 24, 2024

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War drums

War drums

Written by Kostas Stupas

1) Drums of war

He added: “But he is the only one who talks about peaceful solutions and confirms what has been known for a long time, which is that French and British soldiers are actually being killed in Ukraine!” These are promoted through Vladimir Putin's mouthpieces in social networks in the West.

He himself a few days ago said in a speech the following: “NATO soldiers are in Ukraine. We know it. They speak French and English and we know it. There is nothing good about it. First and foremost for themselves because they are being killed.” In large numbers.

If someone wants to cover up his country's internal issues (problems, Macron's image) using aggressive rhetoric, this is a well-known and widely used practice. “I would like France not to play this role that only exacerbates the conflict, but rather take action to reach peaceful solutions.”

So we are told that a person who has invaded a foreign country, seized part of it, and is now calling for an end to the war, is a pacifist.

On the contrary, they say, President Macron and Western leaders who support the invaded country financially and equipment should be branded as warmongers and warmongers.

Hitler said exactly the same thing about Roosevelt and Churchill. Omar Briones would say the same, along with Ibrahim about Kolokotroni, and Admiral Codrington, commander of the Allied fleet at the naval battle of Navarino.

You have no doubt about the goal of Putin's propaganda. It targets Europe's weak links: decadent political parties on the left and right, which blindly hate democracy more than they should fear totalitarianism.

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Officials from the Alternative for Germany party were present in Russia in recent days as Western observers who confirmed the integrity of the elections, which they won by 80%. Charles Michel had congratulated him on his victory days before the elections. The Minister of Graphics of Syrizanil, Mr. Lavazanis, was also present.

After the French President, European Council President Charles Michel, in an article published in European newspapers and on the Euractiv website, outlined the developments.

He added, “If we do not respond correctly as the European Union and do not provide Ukraine with enough assistance to stop Russia, we will be next. Therefore, we have to be defensively prepared and move into war economy mode… if we do that.” “We want peace, we have to prepare for war.”

Russian propaganda on social networks and Western media shows an organized effort to sow confusion and divide Western societies. The goals of this effort are now beginning to become clear. The reactions of the French President and the President of the European Council are initial reactions that are still in a state of hypnosis.

2) They love where they are

Mr. Stopa, I would like to comment on the text of one of the young people that you published in your article “We need justice”.

The young man in question emigrated abroad five years ago, during the Mitsotakis government, but the blame falls on the Sirzanel Circus (he mentions this phrase at least three times). This tells us, of course, that the current government has done many things, but it is not enough.

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He did not mention, of course, that the largest migration influx of people with Greek citizenship occurred in 2012 in Samara, and already in 2015 in Sirzanil Circus, outflows are decreasing.

But the most important thing, Mr. Stupas, about this particular young man and perhaps the most tragic thing is that in order to return to his home country he wants to get a decent job as he mentions and where a decent job is one that has a lot of money.

But in this country there are also wonderful young people who have studied at these struggling universities, who have found jobs for much less money than our friends, who pay taxes, raise their families here, who may be unfairly disadvantaged in their jobs depending on their qualifications, but who stay in Greece.

And do you know why? Because they love their place with all its flaws, for me personally, it is better for such young people who have set financial conditions to return to stay where they are. The country needs people who love it without stardom and obligations.