June 19, 2024

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“We want to live side by side with countries that share the same geography. We have no sovereign aspirations.”

“We want to live side by side with countries that share the same geography. We have no sovereign aspirations.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who attended the military exercises, today made statements full of meaning Ephesus-2024 Which was organized under the direction and management of the army command in Smyrna.

In the context of his speech, he referred to the Middle East, Armenia, international developments and the current situation The rise of the Turkish defense industry.

“We want to live side by side with countries that share the same geography.”

The Turkish President characteristically stated: “We in Turkey act with this understanding, while strengthening our military capabilities and capabilities. We are on the side of peace, peace and cooperation, not on the side of tension and battle. We want to live side by side with countries with which we share the same geography. We have no enmity or prejudice against any country. We have no ambitions for anyone’s land rights and sovereignty. We have never left and will never leave the hand that sincerely extends to us in the air. We are ready for dialogue, communication and strengthening our relations with everyone who respects Türkiye’s interests and wants to develop cooperation with us. We’ve recently taken several steps to increase our number of friends. God willing, we will continue our journey with new initiatives.”

He wears sheep’s clothing, while in Greece he is a wolf

The Turkish President went on to make these statements, stating that he does not demand the sovereign rights of other neighboring countries, but on the other handQuestions the sovereign rights of Greece.

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“Armenia will come closer to peace”

“Armenia will come closer to peace the more it is freed from the shackles of foreign powers and diaspora. The Armenian people must see and understand that their future is not with those who preach from abroad and provoke, but with their neighbors who live with them and will live with them for centuries, and they must courageously do everything “It is necessary.”

“Brutal Israeli attacks on Gaza are increasing dramatically.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also referred to the Israeli attacks, a day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described him as a “mentally deranged” and “vampire,” saying: “While there are hopeful developments in our region, on the other hand, Israel’s attacks… The brutality on the tapes is growing exponentially. More than 36,000 defenseless innocent people have been mercilessly slaughtered since October 7, more than 15,000 children and more than 10,000 women have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories, and 2.3 million people have been forced to emigrate.

“Those who turn a blind eye to genocide not only support the commission of war crimes, but are complicit in that crime.”

“In the space of about eight months, Gaza has been reduced to a massive ruin with very few intact buildings remaining. The air strike on the refugee camp the day before was the end of humanity. There is no excuse that can justify such atrocities. War has one law, one morality. Killing 36,000 innocent people, wounding more than 80,000 innocent people, hitting mosques, schools, hospitals and churches, and dropping bombs on civilians waiting for food and aid workers, is not war, it is genocide. Those who turn a blind eye to genocide not only support the commission of war crimes, they are complicit in that crime.

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For the defense industry – “Türkiye has become one of the key players in the region”

“We consider it a fundamental necessity that our Turkish Armed Forces be equipped with the latest equipment and systems in the field. Since 2002, we have mobilized all opportunities to maximize nationality and citizenship in the defense industry. Turkey has become one of the key players in its region thanks to its revolution in the defense industry. While only 62 defense projects were implemented in 2002, today this number exceeds thousands.

In 2002, defense projects were implemented with a budget of about 5.5 billion US dollars, while the volume of current projects exceeds 96 billion US dollars. We are among the ten countries that can design, build and maintain their own warships. We are among the top 3-4 countries in the world Production of UAVs and UAVs. We constantly strive to improve with the world’s first ship UCAV TCG Anadolu, KIZILELMA combat drones, 5th generation national combat aircraft KAAN, AKINCI, AKSUNGUR, ANKA-3 And many other features. We have achieved this despite numerous obstacles and restrictions imposed by suppliers, including our allies. Our land, sea and air forces inspire fear in the hearts of our enemies and confidence in our friends with their skills, operational capabilities and high level of training. God willing, we will strengthen this matter further. “I would like to express once again that we will be happy to share our capabilities and capabilities in the field of defense industry with our friends and allies.”

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