July 20, 2024

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What does your favorite color say about your personality – Makeleio.gr

What does your favorite color say about your personality – Makeleio.gr

It may have been years (or even decades) since someone asked you what your favorite color was. But you definitely have some shades that you prefer when it comes to your home décor and clothing. Your favorite color can be directly linked to your personality traits.

Blue is the most popular color in the world. One study asked people from 10 countries on four continents what their favorite color was, and blue was the number one color in every location.

Psychotherapist Lisa Lawless, PhD, explains to bestlifeonline that this color’s universal appeal is “probably due to its association with sky and water.” In this regard, blue evokes feelings of relaxation and calm.

He says that people who gravitate towards these feelings are often empathetic, honest, reliable, and strong problem-solvers.
Blue also indicates that you are trustworthy. In fact, studies have shown that wearing blue makes you appear more trustworthy to others. This is also why companies like banks tend to incorporate this color.

“Light blue is associated with a relaxed and peaceful person,” she adds. “Sky blue tends to show freer, more optimistic associations, turquoise is often associated with exclusivity and individuality, while cobalt blue conveys a free-spirited, energetic personality.”

One downside to the Blue Lover’s personality is that “these people can be overthinking, self-critical, and struggle with insecurities.”

Like blue, green is associated with nature. In this case, color is usually “associated with health and balance,” he says.

“People who prefer green tend to be productive, highly intelligent, and perfectionists,” she explains. Their modesty, he adds, is often reassuring to themselves and others.

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Of course, there are many shades of this color. Earthy olive greens “tend to get along with people who are excellent mediators and value balance and stability.” Emerald green is associated with confidence and ambition, while mint green is associated with kindness, optimism, and kindness.

The hardworking and analytical personalities of those who prefer green can make them possessive, impatient and materialistic.

“Purple tends to be vibrant and strong, a bold color with bold personality,” she notes.

For this reason, those who prefer purple are not afraid to be themselves and are often artistic, spiritual, and imaginative.

Dark purple is associated with complexity, introspection, and creativity. Light purples such as lavender and lilac are associated more with sensitivity, compassion, and a harmonious presence.”

But the very emotional and volatile nature of these people can lead to mood swings and misunderstandings.

Pinkish-purple tends to attract romantics, but this applies even more to people whose favorite color is pink itself. Pink is often associated with femininity, tenderness, and compassion.

“A lighter pink is associated with a sweet, youthful, and playful personality, while a deeper pink indicates elegance and romance,” she explains. “The color pink indicates vitality and energy and is often associated with adventurous people, while people who are drawn to purple are often creative, artistic, and unconventional.”

Bold, strong, powerful, passionate, outgoing – these are all adjectives used to describe people who love the color red.

“They are usually a force to be reckoned with and tend to be confident and ambitious.” “This is especially true for those who love bright red.”

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And this lively nature can affect attractiveness. Wearing red can make a person look more attractive.

But, all of this acknowledgment “may manifest itself in aggressive behavior or attention-seeking.”

As for those who prefer a rusty, earthy red, they tend to be more grounded and value stability, tradition, and a sense of security.

People usually love or hate orange, and those who love it are enthusiastic, attractive, and sociable.

They are more inclined to be adventurous and daring, bold in their choices, and friendly and friendly with others.

However, with adventure and spontaneity comes unpredictability and inconsistency. Thus, you may find that these people put their own needs above others and judge those who don’t care.

Brighter oranges are associated with “energetic confidence and cheerfulness,” while darker colors correspond to “someone who is reliable and who values ​​stability.” If someone prefers coral shades, they are likely to be creative and artistic.

Yellow is a mentally stimulating color and people who are attracted to it tend to be creative, sociable, and enthusiastic. After all, it is the color of light and happiness.

“Those who like golden yellow tend to be wise, witty, and opulent, while pale yellow conveys a sense of purity and a peaceful demeanor.”

And while yellow represents attractiveness, confidence, and a sense of humor, people with yellow personalities seem to have anxiety and idealistic tendencies. “They may also struggle with being organized and lack discipline.”