December 4, 2023

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When Thalia Mateca threatened him with divorce

When Thalia Mateca threatened him with divorce

The actor was a guest on ERT2’s ‘Mama-des’ show Thasos Yordanidiswho talked about his relationship with his wife, Talia Maticabut also the “threat” he received before he took over the Alpha Theater.

Tassos Iordanidis said of Thalia Matika, “Several times Thalia gave me a nudge to go forward and often put a bridle to restrain me, many times we grumbled and we argued many times. Many times, of course, I put my head behind her back and other times it turned out to be the risk I took.” Its good and other times it wasn’t good at all.”

He asserted, “When things don’t go well, the relationship is tested to see if the relationships are strong or not. I was on the brink of financial collapse and he held my hand, which I didn’t expect. There was a very critical checkpoint for the relationship and it showed what we suspected.” This relationship has a strong core.”

“We don’t claim to be working together but it does happen. It sometimes arises, not just as an artistic necessity, as a necessity because it couldn’t be done otherwise. For example, this happened last year when we were having a very uncertain situation with the coronavirus with theaters and had to Loading something. I wasn’t going to go on with the production, but Mr. Linnaeus came and asked me to take over the stage, while Talia was kicking me and telling me ‘No, you’re not going into the production again'” added Thasos Iordanidis.

Finally, he said, “I think I fell for the stage and Talia didn’t know about it, and at one point I said to her ‘You know, we’ve got the stage.'” I tried with various hints to bring it up to her as nicely as possible but she didn’t want to at all. As He threatened to divorce me, let’s say it jokingly.

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