February 22, 2024

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Wi-Fi 7 is coming – what changes for streaming and home communications?

Wi-Fi 7 is coming – what changes for streaming and home communications?

the Certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance Now officially the devices that support it Wi-Fi 7, the next generation of wireless home Internet. Through this certification, we ensure that Wi-Fi 7 devices are interoperable, and 2024 will see new technology products such as mobile phones, laptops and routers, which means Greater speed and efficiency compared to Wi-Fi 6E.

Wi-Fi 7 is one Upgrade Wi-Fi speed, so that it can transfer data at a faster rate than ever before. Apart from fast speeds and high bandwidth, it also promises many innovative changes in wifi technology.

The Wi-Fi Alliance says in its announcement that Wi-Fi 7 will be better than current standards for high-bandwidth streaming and gaming. Wi-Fi 7 is “the first generation built from the ground up,” Kevin Robinson, CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance, told The Verge. 6GHz band – Which covers a wider range and reduces interference at the same time.

the Routers They are already on the market from companies like Netgear, TP-Link, and Eero. The routers in question may receive certification in the future, however, according to the post, they will be compatible with Wi-Fi 7 devices.

Wi-Fi 7 is coming – what changes to streaming and home communications?
(Wi-Fi Alliance)

Certification aside, nothing has changed about Wi-Fi 7 since The Verge published a guide for it last October. It still offers twice the channel bandwidth – of 160MHz to 320MHz – Compared to the fastest devices with Wi-Fi 5, 6 or 6E standards, this means fast wireless downloading More than two gigabits per second.

He would also have the advantage Multi-link process (MLO) which combines multiple domains into a single connection. This means a more stable connection on devices that sometimes perform poorly when… wireless network It is loaded. MLO also offers one Delay feature. Connections are usually limited by broadcast time – the time it takes the router to bypass other devices in the queue to send data packets to the network. Since all three regions will be available at the same time, there's a “very, very good chance this bundle will ship immediately,” Robinson told The Verge.

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The standard has other features that, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, will ensure greater efficiency, performance and stability. Wi-Fi 7 devices will be backward compatible with previous Wi-Fi versions. However, older devices won't immediately benefit from the new features of a Wi-Fi 7 router, unlike newer laptops and cell phones.

source: the edge