June 12, 2024

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Zamboonis murder: War v Jacon under the microscope and his recent release from prison

Zamboonis murder: War v Jacon under the microscope and his recent release from prison

Its administrator was released ten days ago The Greek MafiaIn recent months, the rumored rise of his business ties and his involvement in a war between Russian-speaking smugglers are some of the data processed by its executives. Security To find out the identity of those responsible for the gruesome murder of the 44-year-old Vangalis Zambounis It was early Sunday morning New World. It has not escaped the attention of the police that yesterday's execution bears important similarities to the murders of Giorgos Mitzos at a gas station in Keracas and Mario Diamant, an Albanian gas station owner, in Petro Raleigh in November 2021. An imported team of paid assassins.

Vangelis Zambounis has been considered the most powerful person of the “night” in recent years, possibly a key player in the dance of millions of illegal activities.

In recent years, 44-year-old Zambounis was considered the most powerful figure of the so-called “night”, a key player in the dance of millions from illegal activities, tobacco and fuel smuggling, security in nightclubs, etc. Korydallos after the cold execution in June Vasilis Rubetis, considered his No. 1 rival, Zambounis looked like an absolute master of the game. He is said to have been complacent even though he knew he was the target of an attack. For the past few months he had been roaming around unguarded, and only occasionally was he seen walking in the company of a chaperone. He was armed, but with a pistol in his belt holster and a Kalashnikov in the trunk, so he had no time to react during the attack.

Also, the car he used on his trips and the gas station in Neo Cosmos, where he spent most of the day, had bulletproof windows, so he appeared unsuspecting during the attack, and the armed assailants succeeded by surprise. The moment he left the gas station he was getting into a dark colored BMW Jeep.

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Even the police have appeared in recent months, promising a possible attack against the 44-year-old. “K” information After Rubetis' murder, security officials requested information from the Ministry of Civil Defense's competent authority on the possibility of retaliation, revealing the assessment that the 44-year-old was not in danger. A few months ago, moreover, it was decided to discontinue its business Greek police. Codenamed “Shadow”, it tracks down eight executives of the so-called Greek Mafia, with the aim of disabling them but preventing them from carrying out a deadly deal against them. The list of “8” includes both Vasilis Rubetis and Vangelis Zambounis.

Zambooni murder: Convicts' jeep stolen out of Greece and with fake number plates

Rubetis murder

Killing Zamboonis: War v Jakon under the microscope and the latest issue-1

Today, one of the scenarios authorities are considering is the execution of the 44-year-old with 97 bullets, a follow-up to Rubetis' earlier murder. In other words, it was an act of revenge by the remaining members of his group. Also, the battle between the two came to light when a stolen car was found a few dozen meters away from the Neos Cosmos gas station. with Kalashnikov. Vasilis Rubetis' DNA was found in the stolen vehicle – at the armory. However, other police sources estimate that after Rubetis' murder, the remaining members of his group lacked the momentum to execute a death-deal on their own against Zambounis.


Instead they turn their attention to the latest release from one of the big names called “Night”. He was jailed for several years as a ringleader A gang of extortionists An assassination attempt was made against him in the southern suburbs, where he collected security money at dozens of shops in Attica. However, there are conflicting reports as to whether this particular individual broke with the recently murdered Zambounis or was “made up”.

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Russian Mafia

Another version wants the 44-year-old to be involved in a war that broke out between domestic tobacco smugglers and foreigners who hail from Ukraine and are said to be linked to members of a Russian-speaking mafia code. Named Vor V Zakone. In the context of this war, which has included several bomb attacks in the western Attica areas, reports suggest that the 44-year-old tried to intervene in the case. Besides, clues have emerged in the case involving ex-Soviet foreigners. murder The cause of another powerful member of the Greek mafia who was murdered in the spring of 2022. It was Yiannis Skaftouros who fell dead in front of his family at his summer home in Skorda. Some reports also suggest that the ongoing investigation has yielded results. Vangelis Zampounis is described as the shadowy owner of around ten gas stations in Attica. However some unconfirmed reports suggest that his business relationships and contacts have been strained in recent months.

Offenders' vehicle

Stolen from Italy, specifically Milan, turned out to be the Lexus Jeep used by the perpetrators in the murderous attack against Vangelis Zambounis. Immediately after the execution, they drove to a forested area in Hydari where they set the vehicle on fire to cover their tracks. Officers identified the vehicle from the chassis number and found it had been stolen from Milan six months earlier. To avoid suspicion during a police check, the criminals put fake license plates on identical vehicles. Accordingly, the victim's black jeep had windows with anti-ballistic shields, however the perpetrators fired a barrage of fire at a certain location and managed to penetrate it, which is estimated to have been attempted earlier. The gas station had anti-ballistic armor, a gym, a panic room and a bed, police said, because that's where the 44-year-old spent the day.

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Based on their experience, police officials believe that the occupants of another vehicle, other than the Lexus, were involved in the attack with a “Cheers” share. Efforts are being made to collect information about a particular vehicle or vehicles from traffic cameras around a petrol station. Some unconfirmed reports suggest that a car and a motorcycle were already seen on security camera footage following the gunmen's Lexus.

As per standard police tactics, EL.AS. Where criminals are proven to be physically present, telephone wiretapping and mobile phone antenna scans are going to be pursued for the possibility of tracing their business mobile phones.

Also, two weapons of Zambounis have been transferred to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation for ballistic examination and a total of five mobile phones have been recovered from his possession and from his house.