June 25, 2024

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A New York couple “fishes” a safe containing $100,000 in a lake with the help of magnets! [βίντεο]

A New York couple “fishes” a safe containing $100,000 in a lake with the help of magnets! [βίντεο]

A New York couple, who had gone “hunting” for metal objects with the help of a powerful magnet, were left speechless when they retrieved a safe containing about $100,000 in cash from the bottom of a lake.

James Cain and Barbie Agostini threw a rope, to which they attached a powerful magnet, into Flushing Meadows Corona Park Lake in Queens, New York, last Friday afternoon, May 31.

Imagine their surprise when they recovered the safe! They were able to open it and found money inside in the form of $100 bundles, although the bills were eroded by the water.

An unusual pastime for treasure hunters

In an interview with the NY1 network in New York, James Cain said that he started this hobby during the Covid-19 pandemic, after he thought that he could get into the field of treasure hunting without having to spend a lot of money on equipment.

Magnet fishing simply involves dropping a rope with a strong magnet into the water in hopes of retrieving metal objects.

However, no one expected that he would “hunt” a safe possibly full of cash.

“We took it out and there were two stacks of millions of dollars in it,” Ken said.

The couple reported their discovery to the NYPD, and were told that the cash was not linked to any crime, and there was no way to trace the original owner of the safe, so they were allowed to keep it.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Agostini said. “I was amazed.”

The couple said they have not yet found a safe, but magnet searches have so far turned up a variety of items, from old World War II rifles and grenades to a motorcycle, foreign currency and jewellery.

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