December 4, 2022

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Accuracy: The price of feta cheese is approaching – the dairy march “burns” the country’s salad – Newsbomb – News

Accuracy: “Fire” in the housewife’s basket, as the prices of basic products rise daily and the family budget is damaged

The health It “wipes” the market and seems to let nothing slip through. This time in the precision “nets”, dairy products were intertwined, specifically slice. height in price Feta in Greek refrigerators made the most traditional products of our country a “kind of luxury”.

In particular, Greek households now buy a quarter of a slice, that is, half a kilo at most. The reason is not the change in their habits but the prices that have gone up forever within a few months.

According to information from Mega TV, the prices for each item are as follows:

  • Vita from Ternavos: 12.30 €
  • Origin of Vita from Elassona: €11.30
  • Feta from Kalavrita: €10.40

yes the prices They are more expensive than packaged cheeses that many consumers prefer to save time on the shopping them or because they buy from smaller supermarkets and there is no counter but only refrigerators.

  • 300g feta slice: 5.01€ (16.70€/kg)
  • 400g feta: 5.68€: (14.20€/kg)

A comparison with last year’s prices shows that the increases in the segment amounted to:

  • 43% loose feta
  • 45% on prepackaged slide

The Forecasts For the coming period, they say that prices will rise for another reason energy cost Which raises production and transportation costs. pile slice will reach 15 EUR And the package will be close to 20 euros.

The price of feta has increased dramaticallyPixabay

The increase in price now causes consumers to buy small portions served at the table as appetizers, while precision in oil and vegetables even country salad with feta cheese now seems like a luxury.

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To get a slice in England

At the same time, it is surprising that in England and specifically in Manchester, packed Greek feta 200g. Its price is 2.49 pounds, or 2.82 euros, which is cheaper than in Greece, where the same cheese costs 2.99 euros.

In another store, again in England, the packed chip is shaped like this:

  • 400g packed feta: €6.22 (€15.55/kg)
  • Greece (same package): €13.63 / kg
  • Feta 1 kg: 15.38 EUR
  • Greece (same package): €11.67 / kg
  • Feta 2 kg pack: €28.28 (€14.14/kg)
  • Greece (same package): €10.99 / kg

This means that prices are slightly higher than in Greece for a product that starts in our country and crosses all of Europe and is aimed at consumers who earn much higher salaries.

Fresh milk price

The Appreciation Journey don’t stop with it health to affect families. The prices of basic products are rising daily and are detrimental to the family budget. Indicative is Mega’s Morning Show report with increases in products on supermarket shelves.

most special The increase is this in fresh milk. Its price has arrived 1.90 euros, increase recording 37.6%! The price is based on the price level of oil and gasoline!

In the same report, it was presented price comparison Today, March 2022. It was noted that a kilo of Gouda cheese from 6.40 euros came to 8.20 euros. Half a kilo of toast came from 1.85 to 2.25 euros.

Flour records a significant increase, apparently also due to grain problems in Ukraine, reaching from 1.20 to 1.90 euros, registering an increase 58.3% While the pills from 4.78 euros reached 5.06 euros …

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