March 4, 2024

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ADEDY: Public “shuts down” for Tempi – All MMM on 24-hour strike on Wednesday

ADEDY: Public “shuts down” for Tempi – All MMM on 24-hour strike on Wednesday

Relevant decisions were taken by its employee unions Hellenic train(Trainos Staff Employees Union, Trainos Staff Union and Panhellenic Traction Staff Union with the OSE Panhellenic Station Masters Union).

They said: “We are fighting” and decided to continue the strike action till Wednesday, March 8, 2023. Safe operation of trains But the truth shines through and Find the culprits A tragic train wreck, as many as they are.

“We demand from all competent bodies to immediately proceed to take the relevant measures to restore safety in Greek Railways, with the aim of preventing our workers and fellow citizens from experiencing such a devastating tragedy again,” declare the workers.

Also labor union OSE says: “He declares A 48-hour strike on March 7 and 8 2023, we must reinforce our position that railways should remain open for safety and the benefit of society as a whole.

Colleagues in collision recovery and rescue vehicles will not participate in the strike.

“Handbrake” on buses and trolleys

Also, they will not be released on Wednesday Buses And A carriage pushed by hand over railway tracksas well as the labor union OASA Participating in a 24-hour strike in a mobilization organized by the Athens Labor Center (EKA). The union is calling for measures to ensure safe and modern public transport and the safety of workers and passengers.

Nationwide strike on Wednesday

Meanwhile, the ADEDY In its statement it says: “The Executive Committee of ADEDY, as authorized by the General Council, decided at its meeting today to declare a 24-hour pan-Hellenic civil servant strike on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, -turning the strike into a strike for International Women’s Day- with all workers and people Co-request The policy of privatization must be put to an end And provide real responsibilities For Tempe’s murderous crime. Gathering in Athens at 12:30, Klathmonos Square”.

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The Federation of Associations of Hospital Physicians of Greecepoints out: “The long-standing policy that refers to the European Union’s strategy for the liberalization and commercialization of transport and bears the stamp of all governments from 2009 until today led to the crimes in Tempe. It is not a “tragic human error” or a “Greek peculiarity”, not in accordance with the European framework.

In the European Union in 2021, 1,389 major rail accidents were reported, with a total of 683 deaths and 513 injuries, and 97 of these involved train collisions. Profit seeking politics is killing people all over the world. A policy that confronts people with a criminal balance of costs and benefits while meeting their modern needs everywhere – education, health, transportation.

We condemn the government for not hesitating on Saturday. Four days after the tragedy in TempeTo deposit Bill is serious privatize Unique pediatric oncology Unit of country.

Another proof that they are efficient when it comes to running their criminal schemes for the benefit of investors and business groups, but incompetent when it comes to our lives and our safety, just like the Rail Security Centre. In 2010. A 24-hour strike on March 8 and strike rallies all over the country and all.”

A group of 5 people EINAP Children’s Hospital “Agia Sophia”: “We are angry because the workers – these “bad trade unionists” – repeatedly highlighted the problems with the infrastructure and equipment (their last notification was 7/2/23 – 21 days before the accident), the managers only responded with out-of-court statements.

We are angry at some government stooge journalists who try to hide government responsibilities through cannibalism and are not ashamed to refer to the dead as “necessary sacrifices” to improve the situation.

We are outraged by the decisions of successive ministers, along with the OSE and all governments based on it Hellenic train Exemption from payment of compensation even in case of death.

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The let’s go “Calling all trade unions, federations, labor centers, primary unions, to take competitive resolutions to participate in the strike on March 8, to reach every workplace and turn the prevailing anger and sadness into protest and voice! Let us be the voice of those who died in the train murder. Flood the cities in strike meetings of workers, students and students. Drowning”. In Athens, PAME calls at 12.30 in the Propylaia.

The academic community is also on strike

The Teachers Federation of Greece Says: “On March 8, all the teachers together with our parents and students can show our strength and our decision not to remain silent, but to deliver responsibilities in an organized manner, without compensating and covering up.

We will participate in the strike and meetings on March 8. We pursue a variety of initiatives both inside and outside the classrooms. We are present, demanding the right to safety in transport, education and health with social government at the service of citizens”.

The Disability Movement Coordination Group points out: “This crime cannot be forgotten, let’s be the voice of all the dead! Everyone is participating in a big strike rally of anger and protest in Propylaia on Wednesday at 12:30”.

The Union of Ministry of Labor Employees In addition to inviting the above organizations to participate in the mobilisations, “I offer my deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the unspeakable tragedy in Thembi, and wish the injured a speedy recovery, while the government should extend all support to the families of the injured and victims. Through this tragedy, health, education, energy, transport, social security / It is clear that public goods like welfare should remain public goods and for this reason we oppose any policy of privatization and any policy of the State which denigrates them.

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to do Labor Center of Athenssays: “There is no cover-up and exemplary punishment for political figures who take responsibility. EKA announces a 24-hour strike on March 8 and calls on all its member unions to participate in mass meetings. All at Syntagma Square at 13.00”.

The Dockworkers Association PPA Unions have announced a 24-hour strike to demand justice for the tragic train accident at Tempi on Wednesday, March 8. Constitution.

Dance Space Workers Union – SEHOCHO says: “Tuesday and Wednesday 7+8/3 we are intensifying our struggles against policies that devalue lives with a 48-hour strike. Tuesday 16.00 participation in the open assembly of Occupied Olympia. Wednesday joining feminism and strike movements. Under Occupy Join the debate at Rex: The Right to Strike on Monday 6/3 at 18:00”.

In Elefsina, the management of the Labor Center of Elefsina – Western Attica has unanimously decided to announce a 24-hour marriage strike on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, and calls on all its member unions to participate in a protest rally at Syntagma at 12 p.m. Noon. Coaches depart from Elefsina’s municipal parking lot at 10:30 am.

The ships are also on a 24-hour strike

In addition, the Panhellenic Maritime Federation (PNO) continues a 24-hour strike action on Wednesday 8/3/2023, during the train tragedy in Tempe, on all types of vessels departing from the port of Piraeus. The strike will begin at 00:01 am on Wednesday and will last until 24:00 the same day.