July 20, 2024

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John Eastman: Trump lawyer orders committee to respond to Chapman on Jan. 6 for his Chapman University emails

John Eastman: Trump lawyer orders committee to respond to Chapman on Jan. 6 for his Chapman University emails
Federal Judge David Carter, in Santa Ana, California, followed the law professor exactly on Monday. John Eastman He had been working for his client, Trump, as he devised a plan to change the outcome of the 2020 election.

During Monday’s court hearing, Eastman’s attorney told the judge that his client had worked for Trump during several key controversial moments until Jan. 6, when he told state lawmakers on Jan. 2, “This needs to be fixed. This is behavior.” , When he was at the Willard Hotel with other Trump contacts, and when he met with Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on January 3 about blocking congressional certification for the 2020 referendum.

The confessions of Eastman’s lawyer Charles Burnham, in the days leading up to January 6, 2021, are clear statements about how much Eastman did on his own initiative – on behalf of Trump.

When asked specifically about Eastman’s explanation to hundreds of state legislators, Burnham said, “That work was done on behalf of the president.”

In the letter they wrote to Eastman announcing his chaplain to Judge Eastman’s panel, House asked who his client was at each moment. Eastman had been working for his client, Trump, and his lawyer told the court almost every question.

Before Eastman Information quality denied To the congregation when he was submitted directly for testimony and documents. In response to nearly 150 questions and his documentary sapona, he sought the protection of his Fifth Amendment against self-immolation, the council’s attorney said Monday.

The House committee then went to his former employee, Chapman University, to obtain his records. The university acquired House Sapona last week, and Eastman sued to prevent it, dragging the controversy into federal court in California.

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The House panel is set up correctly

After a lengthy trial, Carter announced a verdict against Eastman on Monday night, but did not explain his full reason until he released his written comment on Tuesday.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tried with Eastman Carter to reduce the group, arguing that there were not as many Republicans or Republicans as he wanted. However, the judge ruled on Tuesday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had followed House rules in appointing members and that “the selection committee is set up as property.”

Carter said the committee was properly formed to submit emails from Eastman’s former employer and was within its capacity.

This was the first time a judge had ruled on the substantial arguments put forward by witnesses in attacking the structure of the House panel.

“The public interest here is very important and urgent,” the judge wrote, approving the panel’s work under the law. “Congress is trying to understand the reasons for the serious attack on our country’s democracy and the almost successful attempt to undermine the will of the electorate.”

Disclosure to the congregation

At the end of Monday’s hearing, the judge laid out a plan for Eastman to make more revelations in the House in the coming days.

Chapman University, his former employee, will give Eastman’s legal team access to his nearly 19,000 emails at noon on Tuesday, so they can sort through and identify which emails they believe should be kept as legal advice between Eastman and Trump, who was Eastman’s client. He adhered to the legal principle of changing the 2020 election on January 6.

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A third party – a potential judge or panel of reviewers – will decide whether the emails can be confidential as lawyer-client privileged records.

During a court hearing on Monday, Carter said he wanted the email reviews to be expedited and that the parties should work over the weekend and hand over the house to Eastman as soon as the emails were sorted.

“The court expects the parties to work together on the urgency of the case,” Carter wrote in a brief order following the hearing. House, Eastman Group and Chapman University will be presenting updates to the court in the coming days and will be appearing before Carter again in a week.

It is unclear how long the lawyer-client privilege review will ultimately take.

On Monday, Carter said he would lose his broader challenge to Eastman House power, and that his constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech and protection from illegal search, would be violated.

The judge’s speedy decision is a significant step for the council as a dozen witnesses related to Jan. 6 challenge the jury’s authority in court. It sets the stage for Eastman and Trump to share information about the election with others, as well as other documents that the House could obtain that are not protected by lawyer-client confidentiality.

The story was updated with additional details from the investigation.