November 28, 2023

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“After all, what Guntaras said about you and Kenurgio is true?”

The meeting that happened between them Demetrius of Hungary With the Katerina Kenorghiu Wednesday afternoon, 10/4 Eleni Minigaki And her team.

The broadcaster saw the footage uploaded on social media, and wanted to know more details about what happened, while wondering if everything was… What Gregory Gundaras said about…romance Applies between bidders.

Read below Eleni Minigaki’s interview with Dimitris Ogarizos:

AM: “Where were you playing music yesterday and met Caterina Kenorghiu?” I even laughed when he said those things about Instagram.”

D.O: “The ban is so old that even Instagram can’t unblock us”

AM: “I read it and laughed to myself. I say: ‘These two agreed anyway, and they speak the same language.’”

D.O: “I was playing in the store of a good friend of mine who was having an opening. Katrina comes in and I pretend not to see her. We have a close mutual acquaintance. He’s a childhood friend of Katrina and I. He pushes her towards me and says, ‘Come on, look for them.’

AM: “So, what Gundaras says is true?”

D.O: “No, no.”

AM: “Stop, no, no.”

D.O: “Katrina and I have known each other since we were kids, we don’t see each other romantically.”

EM: “You two have known each other since you were kids, but you’re only in a relationship with her brother, from what she says, and I believe her.”

D.O: “Her brother is a mutual friend of mine and we all hang out together. Gundara was eaten. His instinct is known. He fell again. I’ll tell you forty numbers to play the other five in the joker.”

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AM: “Finally, did you unblock them?”

D.O: “It’s not possible. Instagram can’t even find us to unblock us. The best thing is that it says ‘let me find you from my block list’ which is called blocking, and come down, come down… my list is less.”

AM: “Did he send us his regards?”

D.O.: “A lot, a lot.”

AM: “And from us.”