December 3, 2023

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Spyros Chatziagelakis has divided Twitter with his age in the series

Spyros Chatziagelakis has divided Twitter with his age in the series

She premiered her night Wednesday 4 October new series of ANT1, The first among us.

A group of six friends, in their fourth decade of life, despite their differences, are united like a fist and have made a promise that nothing will separate them.

But life holds surprises up its sleeve. Alki’s unexpected fainting brings them face to face with their greatest fear, as doctors’ prognosis for Alki’s health looks ominous.

So Alex decided to run the biggest race of his life, enjoying every moment of it, with his beloved friends as companions. The company, more united than ever, is preparing for a “marathon” that will change everyone’s lives.

In the first episode of the series, doctors inform Alki’s friends that he has a brain tumor. The advertisement “froze” the company that stands “like a rock” next to Alex and in the new daily life that holds surprises for everyone.

The majority of Twitter users made positive comments about the series’ premiere, but many of the tweets related to Moss’s age as the script wanted him to be. Spyros Chatziagelakis He is 42 years old and the father of a daughter. The actor was born in 1986 (age 37).

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See more tweets about the series premiere below:

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