December 3, 2023

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From Eleni Tsolaki in “Julia’s Consulate” – premieres today

From Eleni Tsolaki in “Julia’s Consulate” – premieres today

The channel program is completed with a new show and two new series

October may be here, but the small screen premieres are endless. Today, three new programs are coming that will take the competition to a higher level… and make it tough for opponents.

Premiere of Eleni Tsolaki and her company, at 09.50, on the OPEN channel with the daily show “Breakfast Soso”. Poseidonas Giannopoulos, Nikos Georgiadis, Marie Augerinopoulou and Dimitris Milioglou will be by Eleni’s side to convey to us everything that concerns us, with a smile, fun, energy and a positive attitude, while of course there will be no shortage of their diatribe… Commentary! So “Soo” for what happens in front of and behind the cameras, “Soo” on the television scene and in the world of entertainment, “Soo” for exclusive reports, “Soo” with loved ones, and “Soo” for surprises and twists!

ALPHA’s big gamble on fantasy ends tonight, with “Julia Consulate”. The series will be broadcast at 22.40, and it is expected that viewers will like it. The screenplay is based on the thriller novel of the same title by Giorgos Politis “The Consul of Julia” (Sihogios Publications), and is written by Nikos Aperanthetis and directed by Nikos Kritikos and Nikos Zapatinas. Julia Scutari loves Grigoris Razini. Although the two young men fall deeply in love, this love is doomed to failure due to the old enmity that exists between their families. Yulia is forced to marry Giorgis Profios, a rich, older man whom she does not love. Without knowing, of course, that her life in the Profio Palace would not be easy at all. Gregoris cannot accept this marriage but is forced to continue his life without her. A crime leads to the beginning of the story. A crime closes in on her, and the heroine endures a fate that seems like a heavy curse on her and her family. Is she innocent or guilty? If they are innocent, who is the perpetrator and who is the victim? Obsessions and prejudices, betrayals, betrayals, loves, but also sick souls, operate in the silence of the Greek countryside of the 1950s and define the framework for our heroes.

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On the new ANT1 comedy-drama “The first among us” It airs tonight at 10:30 pm. In the first episode, Alexis, Katia, Nikolas, Elena, Filippos and Sofia are a group of six friends in their fourth decade of life. Despite their differences, they are united like a fist and have made a promise that nothing will separate them. But life holds surprises up its sleeve. Alki’s unexpected fainting will bring them face to face with their greatest fear, as the doctors’ prognosis for Alki’s health looks ominous. So Alex decided to run the biggest race of his life, enjoying every moment of it, with his beloved friends as companions. The group, more united than ever, prepares for a “marathon” that will change everyone’s lives.