December 6, 2023

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Second Night Show: These are Grigoris Arnautoglou’s guests tonight

Second Night Show: These are Grigoris Arnautoglou’s guests tonight

The second nightly show, tonight at 00:00 on ANT1.

Tonight, Tuesday 3 October, at 24:00, Grigoris Arnautoglou welcomes Kostis Maravyas to the renewed lineup of The 2Night Show. The beloved songwriter, who never loses his positive energy, talks about his marriage to Tonya Sotiropoulou and their relationship built on absolute freedom.

However, Kostis Maravias nostalgically recalls his trips to Italy in his father’s truck and explains why he could not work in television. How did things go at his dear friend Panos Mouzourakis’ wedding?

What is her connection to Scarlett Johansson and Euclid the Jackal? Finally, he talks enthusiastically about the last concert of the summer in Sus.

In the company of “The 2Night Show” tonight are guest Gregoris and Danny Giannakopoulou. The talented actress and heroine of the series “Flying Love” talks about her studies in journalism, which she put aside for her great love, which is theatre. She explains why she chose her partner from the first moment and why she would feel jealous if they practiced the same profession.

Finally, she describes how she was able to cry during the dramatic scenes of the series, which she admits were too many.

For the eighth year, all night roads lead to “The 2night Show” with Grigoris Arnautoglou.

“Second Night Show”: Every Monday and Tuesday at midnight.

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