December 6, 2023

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Liagas is angry: “You should be ashamed of the other shows, hist… the world of numbers” (Video)

Liagas is angry: “You should be ashamed of the other shows, hist… the world of numbers” (Video)

Giorgos Liagas erupted on Bruinos’ “air”, complaining that other shows had used his report as their own.

He became fire and fury George Liagas During his “Iftar” show. Ants1. The occasion was the document presented yesterday via “Proinoo” on the topic of the last days with closure awaka And stability problems Calatrava ceiling.

introduction Ants1 He complained that his broadcast report was being used by other broadcast programs as if it were their own. “It’s a whine and I’m getting charged too. It’s a shame and I’m not talking about me, Tassos brought the report to the show. You should be ashamed of yourself at other shows. It is a fundamental rule of journalism, democracy, and the free market. When he comes out and says we are capitalists, it means the best comes first. There should be a safety net for the disabled and those unable to do so. But when we bring out a document here, which Tassos came up with, and this document is called the Programs and Other Channels document, you should be a little ashamed. He can’t do a man’s job, he succeeded – because he got ten phones and ate his eyes out on websites, and wasted quality time with his kids to find the report – and he told us the day before yesterday that I did it. A report proves that the government had earlier learned about the problem with the roof of Kalakatravas“He said at first George Liagas.

«This document that Tasos brought could not be understood because it said that such-and-such channel in such-and-such bulletin revealed a fiery document. Do I call here and lie to the men why we didn’t find him and others did? They tell me it’s ours. Shame. Sorry about the parentheses, but you should be really ashamed. You sit and kill yourselves, gentlemen, for good guys and bad guys, for ratings, the whole world for ratings. The world is what they choose whether they do 1% or 30%, that’s what they’ll see. To take out your grudge on someone who might not get the ratings one day, as if it were all about this world and forget the basic rules of civility and group solidarity that one person’s report gives to the other person. Sorry“, he added.

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