December 9, 2023

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Natalia Tsalikis to Nancy Zambitoglou: “You’re embarrassing me”

Natalia Tsalikis to Nancy Zambitoglou: “You’re embarrassing me”

Natalia Tsaliki talks about the ease with which people criticize.

Sat on the Studio 4 show couch Monday afternoon 10/2 Natalia Tsalikis. The favor the actor I talked to her Nancy Zambetoglou And the Thanassis Anagnostopoulos, They mentioned, among other things, bad evaluations and the relationship we develop with ourselves and those around us.

At the beginning of this discussion Nancy Zambetoglou She wanted to praise her guest, saying:

“Can I say something, because it comes to me and I’ll be afraid if I don’t? How deeply beautiful you are? You’re really beautiful, I have no words to describe it. Someone sees your eyes as if you were seeing from behind.”

“Thank you so much! You embarrass me but thank you. I really like to say good things, we don’t say them easily.”Natalia Tsalikis answered.

If I don’t say that, I’ll explode.” The ERT presenter answered.

“The more you are kind to yourself, in terms of caring and understanding, the more you will care for the other in the same way. When you feel bad in your own skin, it will immediately come out in the first place. Violence and anger will come out, because you are not good with yourself.

I don’t deal with bad reviews anymore. “I don’t get into that, I’m more interested in the audience, what they feel and how they convey it.”is underlined immediately after n Natalia Tsalikis.