December 9, 2023

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Angelina Jolie: I left a handwritten note at the hotel for Elia

Angelina Jolie: I left a handwritten note at the hotel for Elia

Angelina Jolie was in Greece a few days ago, where she will play the role of the greatest singer of the twentieth century, Maria Callas, in the new film by Chilean director, screenwriter and producer Pablo Larraín.

Filming took place in Pyrgos Elias and Katakolo, with the Hollywood star staying at a luxury hotel in the area, along with the cast and crew. The luxury resort shared on social media the handwritten note left by the famous actress thanking the staff for the stay, in a sweet gesture.

Much has focused on the actress’s messages.

“Thank you for the relaxing stay at your beautiful resort. The Maria staff had a wonderful time here,” Angelina Jolie wrote, while some users commented on its picturesque nature.


The film’s screenplay, in addition to true accounts of Callas’ life, will tell different sides of the turbulent, beautiful and also tragic story of the greatest opera performer that opera has ever known. In fact, the description given suggests that her final days in 1970s Paris will be brought to life again on the big screen.

As for Jolie’s costumes in the film, they are inspired by the original clothes worn by Callas. The production consulted with animal rights groups, including PETA, about the use of vintage fur items worn in the film from the archive collection of costume designer Massimo Cantini Parini.

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