July 14, 2024

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What does Google change in the search engine?

What does Google change in the search engine?

We bring you the awesomeness we felt at Google I/O 2024, the annual developers conference. In the spotlight Artificial intelligence (AI);

Excitement spread across my face as I stood for the first time among thousands of eager conference participants Google I/O 2024. The annual developer conference, known for its groundbreaking announcements and impressive, innovative demos.

The focus this year was on artificial intelligence, and Google introduced a number of AI-based technologies that promise to revolutionize our daily lives. It was no coincidence that at the end of the presentation, Google CEO Sundar Pichai asked the AI ​​to count the number of times the word was mentioned in the two-hour presentation. Spoiler alert! 120 times!

One of the most talked about ads was Google Gemini, a project that takes personalization to new levels. Imagine that AI understands you so well that it can predict your needs even before you express them clearly. This is the Gemini promise. With its advanced algorithms, Gemini aims to make our interactions with technology easier and smoother.

We’ve seen what Gemini will look like in our searches now that we’ll be able to search using complex, multi-step questions, customize search results, and even perform video searches.

In addition to research, Gemini will be integrated into Android with Android 15. Building on previous releases, this new version of Android is designed to be more adaptive, flexible, and personal. It’s not just an operating system – it’s a platform that learns and grows with the user, making their smartphone an integral part of your life.

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The demos were equally impressive. the Astra ProjectFor example, it introduced a semi-autonomous AI assistant that can handle complex tasks with ease. Although still in its infancy, Astra’s potential to become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives is undeniable.

In the demo they showed us, we saw the AI ​​understand what it “sees”, create stories, guess what the user has drawn and all this in just a few seconds by asking it as if you were talking to a human.

Google also announced Imagen 3, an image creation tool that could have a huge impact on the creative industry. With the ability to create high-quality images from text descriptions, Imagen 3 could change the way designers and artists work, making the creative process more efficient. . Effective and accessible.

After pointing to the pictures, Google showed us how artificial intelligence It will also be integrated into our existing images in Google Images. So the user will be able to do Complex searches on photos and videos stored there such as a specific memory or information about how our appearance has changed since the diet we started. All the user has to do is simply ask and Gemini will do the rest in pictures.

But in addition to the pictures, Google showed us what it is preparing Part of the video. Veo is a tool so powerful that it can create high-quality, 1080p, high-detail videos from text. This will change the way we make videos, and the way we share our experiences, dreams and stories with the world.

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On the educational side, Google introduced LearnLM, a new family of AI genetic models equipped for learning. This tool is not just for students, it is a resource for teachers to improve lesson planning and deliver personalized learning experiences. the Implications for the future Education is profound, with the potential to democratize learning and make it more attractive to students around the world.

The conference also included AI-generated quizzes from texts and notes that a student may need to improve their learning experience. By allowing users to interact with content in real time, Google makes learning more interactive and fun.

But it wasn’t all about AI. Google I/O 2024 also highlighted improvements to Workspace And in the way we work. Summary and notes from meetings are now easy because within a few seconds AI takes over the task of making bullets or anything else the user wants, saving a lot of time.

When I left Google I/O, I couldn’t help but feel in awe Technological marvel Which is before us. All of this wasn’t just an event, it was a preview of a future where technology and artificial intelligence will be intertwined in our lives, making every day easier.

As we look forward to the changes these developments will bring, one thing is clear: the future is here, and it is full of possibilities. Google I/O 2024 has paved the way for a new era of innovation. The journey has just begun and it is going to be an amazing journey.

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