June 13, 2024

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Anti-terror raids on terrorist hideouts in Leosia and Omonia – Newsbomb – News

Anti-terror raids on terrorist hideouts in Leosia and Omonia – Newsbomb – News

Authorities are targeting hideouts of Pakistani terrorists intent on bloodshed in the heart of Athens. In the morning, a building in Leosia was raided, while an apartment in Omonia was raided earlier.

Police raided the building near the Roma camp in Leosia as it was the second hideout of the arrested Pakistani terrorists.

Nothing suspicious was found in the building, however, according to information, the particular point was a base for Pakistanis.

According to reports, the police have also brought in a number of Pakistanis who were found at the spot and it is being verified if they are involved in the case.

Authorities estimate that those arrested were trying to recruit fellow citizens to take part in the attack on a Jewish synagogue in central Athens.

During a search of their homes, more than ten mobile phones, memory cards, sticks and two computers were recovered. Examining the clues in the forensic labs, investigators found videos and photographs and messages between members of the terrorist organization that planned both the murders and kidnappings of Israeli civilians.

Members of terrorist networks

The two Pakistanis arrested were part of a wider network planning similar attacks in Cyprus. Cypriot press reports specifically state that in mid-October 2021, Cypriot police arrested a Pakistani national on suspicion of plotting to execute Israeli businessmen in Cyprus. The arrested man is said to have worked with 38-year-old Azero, who was also arrested.

The 27-year-old, a native of Paphos, Pakistan, was arrested during a raid at his apartment where three mobile phones were found and confiscated. He was accused of being an accomplice of Azeros, who – a month ago – was arrested in Nicosia and a revolver was found on him.

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Following reports of an assassination attempt on an Israeli-Cypriot billionaire, the same news reports said Israel said Iran had attempted a “terrorist attack” targeting Israeli businessmen in Cyprus. The Iranian embassy in Nicosia told Reuters that Israel “always makes baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

The problem began to unravel after two events known to the EYP: first, the arrest of Pakistanis in Cyprus, in 2021, for their planned attack on an Israeli target. A year later (2022), following fresh arrests of Pakistanis, this time in Turkey, they were planning an attack on an Israeli target in Istanbul.

The Ministry of External Affairs was informed about the above two incidents and since then, in collaboration with the Counter-Terrorism Service, members of the Pakistani community suspected of involvement in terrorist activities have been kept under surveillance. In fact, a nationwide investigation was conducted.

Actual carnage was avoided

The Jewish restaurant-synagogue, which Pakistanis would decide to beat in a manner, is a hangout for hundreds of citizens.

Jewish restaurant in Bisiri targeted by terrorists | newsbomb.gr

The rabbi, who was there in the morning to pray at the particular Jewish synagogue in Psiri, insisted to ERT that about 70 to 80 people visit the restaurant daily, which has a synagogue on the top floor. It shows the level of tragedy that was thankfully avoided.

While expressing his thanks and gratitude to the Greek authorities, he said he was shocked by what was revealed Two Pakistanis arrested.

«People all over the world have been told what happened here. We are very satisfied that they were arrested by the Greek authorities with the help of the Israelis Two cruel men who wanted to destroy human lives. I find it hard to believe that my life was threatened yesterday when I came here to pray” he said.

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