December 5, 2023

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At the UN Security Council, Putin annexed Ukraine

At the UN Security Council, Putin annexed Ukraine

At the diplomatic level, the political confrontation between Russia and Ukraine continues, as the United Nations Security Council met today, with the aim, among other things, of Natural gas leak in Nord Stream pipelinesat the request of the Russian Federation.

During the meeting, the UN Security Council discussed a draft resolution condemning the Russian Federation The annexation of four occupied territories to Ukraine. 10 countries supported condemning the Russian invasion and Russia opposed it with a veto, while the position of China, Brazil, India and Gabon is interesting to abstain. In the end the decision was rejected.

In fact, the Chinese delegate called on the UN Security Council to maintain objectivity and play a constructive role to end the crisis in Ukraine. He also stressed that sanctions and negative measures against the parties have only exacerbated disputes.

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