July 22, 2024

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Between Biden and Trump, American voters look the other way

Washington, July 29 (Prenza Latina) Democratic and Republican voters, dissatisfied with their own parties’ rankings, are focusing on potential governors in the 2024 US presidential election.

On the Democratic side, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Illinois Governor JP Pritzker recently appeared out of state and gained national attention.

Newsom also ran ads attacking colleagues who were political opponents.

Meanwhile, on the Republican side, Virginia Gov. Glenn Young has fueled comments at the White House in recent weeks, placing him alongside Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a potential successor to former President Donald Trump.

Those statistics have drawn renewed attention as polls show voters are increasingly disillusioned with the direction of both parties.

Substantial numbers of blues (Democrats) and reds (Republicans) want someone other than President Biden or Trump to be their running mate in the next election race.

Americans are very disaffected right now, Democratic consultant Adrian Hemond was quoted as saying in The Hill newspaper.

They are dissatisfied with Congress. They are unhappy with the President. They are dissatisfied with the economy,” he asserted.

Although polls show citizens are dissatisfied with Biden’s performance, Trump does not appear to be a particularly attractive option.

A Harvard CAPS-Harris poll released earlier this month found 71 percent of respondents opposed a bid for Biden’s re-election, and 61 percent rejected the idea of ​​a return.

On the contrary, few seem to be satisfied with their governors.

Youngin, Newsom and DeSantis have 53 percent approval ratings among registered voters in their respective states, according to a Morning Consult poll conducted from April to the end of June this year.

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For his part, Pritzker has 51 percent support and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, has a 70 percent approval rating entering the race for the White House.

Low polls for Biden and Trump, among other factors, opened the door for governors to move to public scrutiny.

20 years ago, Texas governor from 1995-2000 Republican George W. Bush as President (2001-2009) America saw. History can repeat itself.