May 31, 2023

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“branded” hammers in Vouliagmeni and Glyfada

By Matina Harkovtakis

A series of “branded” hammers are expected to hit the southern suburbs in the coming months. It begins on June 7 with an apartment in Vouliagmeni, which belongs to Giorgos Petgitakis, a descendant of Aristophoulos Petgitakis, who was the founder of the historical plastics industry of the same name, which has the distinction of being the first Greek multinational with an opening to foreign markets at a time when the word extroversion was rarely included. In Greek corporate development strategy.

However, the sudden death of Aristophoulos Pegitakis from a heart attack in 1973 at the age of 50 and the inability to find the right people to succeed him at the head of the group (his children at the time were still minors), heralded the start of a slippery slope, which led many years later To the bankruptcy of the industry in the middle of the last decade, which collapsed under the weight of excessive liabilities. This was preceded in 2011 by the arrest of his son, Georgios Pegitakis, on charges of tax evasion of more than two million euros, for which he was sentenced in absentia to 10 years in prison without parole, but he had already fled abroad.

What came out today?

Back in the day, a horizontal property in the Vouliagmeni area, which Giorgos Petjetakis acquired in July 2008, is scheduled for sale on June 7. SA securitization while the first offer price is 1.23 million euros. It is an apartment on the second floor of a residential building located at the intersection of Ilio and Corfu Streets, consisting of a dining room, a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a guest bathroom, a hallway, it has two balconies to the southwest and another balcony and has a total area of ​​​​220 square meters . With a starting price of 37,000 euros.

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The property holds a number of mortgages including a mortgage deed in favor of Attica Bank, in the amount of €1.95 million, a mortgage in favor of DOY Glyfada, in the amount of €997,837, a forced forfeiture in favor of 1st IKA – ETAM Athens, in the amount of €1.4 million and a reserved forfeiture in favor of ELPE, in the amount of €1.8 million euros.

Karouzos’ 16 estates in Glyfada

A new episode of auctions is added to the series related to the issue of buying and selling real estate, in which Giannis Carusos and his ex-wife Rebecca Scaftura starred, and who occupied the spotlight about a decade ago.

We remind you that during their business activity, the spouses indulged in the “dance” of buying buildings and plots of land, which were located in different regions of the Greek lands inside and outside Attica, such as Patras, Heraklion, and Kefalonia.

Following the model of setting up a company for almost every property, the businessman and his ex-wife managed to build a massive portfolio estimated to number around 200 properties. From this, then, inexhaustible reservoir, come 16 properties, due for release on July 26, for which the total first offer price exceeds 1.7 million euros. The operation is directed against Carouzos Real Estate while it is being accelerated by Cepal Hellas.

The horizontal real estate is located in a complex of residential buildings, which is located at the intersection of Zisimopoulou Street (formerly Alkyonis) and Andreas Lazarakis Street at No. 45 (formerly Vasileos Konstantinou) in Glyfada.

Highlights of the evaluation report

As indicated in the appraisal report, two multi-storey buildings were constructed in the central part of the plot (Building A – residential building opposite A. Lazaraki Street No. 45A and Building B – residential building opposite A. Lazaraki Street No. 45B.). Building A as well as Building B consist of a ground floor pile, 4 floors of housing and a roof. On the first corner of the plot, two houses were originally constructed which the owner then converted, as part of the development of the plot, into 5 shops in accordance with the 2004 and 2005 building permits.

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Today, the corner part of the plot consists of a disused two-storey shop, vacant. Above this building, there are 4 properties that were confiscated in the form of a future building. However, it has been proven that the shape of the existing building does not allow, from a static point of view, at least the implementation of 4 additional floors. This fact is addressed in the report through a significant reduction in the unit price of vacant land as calculated to finalize the market value of each future landscape property.

The auctions concern apartments with a starting price of €228,000 to €276,000, for future high-rise commercial buildings with a starting price of €90,000, as well as warehouses with a first offer price of €75,000.