February 6, 2023

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Bucks 105-114: Giannis Antetokounmpo misses three times due to … points, but wins in Atlanta

Unbelievable but true! Giannis Antetokounmpo had 18 rebounds and 10 assists in the Bucks’ 114-105 win over the Hawks, but missed a triple-double for his worst performance in seven years.

Another good lesson was learned early on Thursday (12/1) by the Bucks, as they squandered a 24-point lead (74-50) and … needed in the final to win in Atlanta over the Hawks (114-105). the John Antikonmo He had one of the strangest games of his career, missing a triple-double by scoring in single digits, but got the job done with JRW and Brook Lopez’s pre-game vacation in Miami.

Milwaukee led 27-14 (16-5 at home and 11-9 away), with Greek Freak being limited to seven points, but filling his stats with 18 rebounds and 10 assists in a performance that speaks volumes for the way he thinks about this. the time. His team could and should have cleaned up the game more comfortably, but in the end they achieved their goal and will hold on to it as in a few hours they will have to face the Heat in Miami and play them again Saturday night, at the same time. The stadium is at 20:00.

Atlanta fell to 19-22 (11-9 at home and 8-13 away), with Nate McMillan not having Tray Young and Clint Cabella at his disposal, and seeing his players on another court in the first half, but to be happy with the effort and stubbornness they showed in the second. Bogdan Bogdanovic was the one who believed most of all in the reflex and the one who gave “life” to the field, but his team did not have a consistent second scorer in the decisive points and did not perform the mini-miracle.

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Like we said, the next opponent for the Milwaukee Bucks is the Heat in Miami, in a few hours, in the early hours of Friday (1/13) at 02:30.

Antetokounmpo account

He scored the game’s first basket and followed it up with two assists to Connaughton Holiday with three pointers, all in less than two minutes. He finished the period on 4/6/4, closed the inning on 5/9/4 and never had to hit a turbo, which seemed like a small victory for the Bucks. He pulled away from scoring, was creatively brilliant, hit a foul tackle at the end and ultimately missed the triple-double with seven points.

It was his worst performance since a January 28, 2016 road game against the Grizzlies. His rate of use was lower than Connaughton, López, Portis, Beauchamp and Engels. It will be interesting to see if he will be available in a few hours, in the game against the Heat, who are battling for victory..

7 points
3/10 2 points
1/4 shots
18 continue
10 assists
1 block
1 error
5 errors
5 earned fouls
+15 to +/-
15.8 osg%
At 34:57

46-42 points at bat, 21-10 points in upset, 54-44 points off the bench, 19-16 points from opponent errors (money earning two points in the first half and eight points in the second), 7-17 points from second chances.


With Antetokounmpo scoring the first basket and making two of Connaughton-Holiday’s three-pointers, the Bucks entered the game with a lead (0-11 in 2′). They maintained a good lead until the middle of the period (13-29 in 8) as Giannis was on a three-point pace (4/4/3), closed the twelve minutes at +20 (19-39) and made nine three-pointers, six players having At least one for each of them. 11 assists for a foul, when the hosts did not have the shot.

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The Falcons, somewhat, nibbled the deficit early in the second period (33-46) with Bogdanovic as facilitator, but one Holiday, and one Portis threw a shot at them to cut their lead (41-57 in the 21st minute). And not to put pressure on dollars. Budenholzer could see his players having fun after a while, and it wasn’t easy for Atlanta to snap a 46-67 halftime lead. The guests shot 50% from three-pointers (12/24), they had only two and four fouls and did not experience the slightest difficulty either in defense or in attack.

The Bucks went into the second half without Grayson Allen turning his ankle, but the lead grew (50-74 in 27 minutes) as the home team didn’t have much to offer. However, they trimmed the score to 14 (64-78) midway through the period, taking advantage of their opponents’ many missed shots and with a 15-2 lead, got back into the game. The crowd got excited, Young and Bogdanovic wanted to lead, and it was 82-89 at the end of the twelve minutes that they needed for a big win as Milwaukee hit 2 of 14 3-pointers in the period.

The Bucks became +24 (50-74) +1 (94-95) early in the fourth quarter, as Frank Kaminski scored (!) on a drive and Giannis was charged with his fifth foul at 43 minutes. Collins tied the score at 101-101 with a layup from Bogdanovic giving his team the first lead before the Bucks responded with an improbable 103-111 103-111 lead.

the dodecalepta: 19-39, 46-67, 82-89, 105-114

Atlanta Hawk (Nate McMillan): Hunter 16 (4/14 shooting, 9 rebounds, 2 assists), Collins 15 (1 3-pointer, 7 rebounds), Okongu 7 (9 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 sets), Holiday 4, Murray 9 (4 /16 shots, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, 3 turnovers), Bogdanovic 22 (6/10 2 throws, 3/8 3 throws, 1/2 shots, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals), Johnson 12 (1 ), Kaminsky 13 (3/4 3 heads), Griffin 7 (1)

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Bucks Milwaukee (Mike Budenholzer): Connaughton 10 (2/10 3-pointers, 7 rebounds), Antetokounmpo 7 (3/10 2-pointers, 1/4 shooting, 18 rebounds, 10 assists, 1 block, 1 fumble, 5 fouls in 34 : 57), Lopez 20 (4/7 2-point, 4/6 3-point, 12 rebounds, 2 blocks), Allen 6 (3/4 2-point, 2 rebounds, 2), Holiday 27 (7/ 13 2-pointers, 3/8 3-pointers, 4/4 shooting, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, 5 assists), Beauchamp 8 (2/7 3-pointers, 4 assists), Portis 13 (5/9 2-pointers , 1/2 3-pointers, 10 rebounds), Carter 13 (4/7 3-pointers), Engels 7 (1 3-pointers, 5 assists), Green 3 (1)

Atlanta Hawks stats: 28/57 2 made, 11/30 3 made, 16/18 blocked shots, 46 rebounds, 25 assists, 5 steals, 3 blocks, 11 turnovers, 12 fumbles

Milwaukee Bucks stats: 27/50 2 pointers, 18/48 3 pointers, 6/11 blocked shots, 62 rebounds, 28 assists, 6 steals, 4 blocks, 10 turnovers, 15 fouls