December 3, 2022

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Collective liquidation by investors

Investors conducted a massive liquidation on Friday, due to the apprehension caused by the policy of raising interest rates, of the recession scenarios driving the indicators Wall Street at heavy losses.

The industrial index found that it lost as much as 800 points on the day, while falling below the psychological barrier of 30,000 points. In fact, the cursor was briefly in the area alcohol marketWhere he lost 20% of his height.

in this climate, Dow Jones fell 483 points, or 1.62%. to 29,592 units. barometer indicator S&P 500, down 1.72% to 3,693 units. The Nasdaq fell 1.8% to 10,867 units.

On a weekly basis, the major indices on the New York Stock Exchange posted their fifth consecutive decline. The Dow Jones is down about 4% this week, while the S&P is down 4.7% and the Nasdaq is down 5.1%.

US indices follow the broader trend Bear markets, which are in the red due to concerns about tight monetary policy Central banks but also for scenarios of imminent recession. After aggressively raising interest rates in the United States and Europe, analysts fear that a strategy to deal with historical inflation will “choke off” growth, putting the economy at risk of deflation.

This, understandably, has a very negative impact on the psychology of investors, who are quick to limit their exposure to stocks, bonds and commodities, and choose safety “shelters”such as the US dollar.

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