March 4, 2024

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Criminal case against Panagiotis Dimitras for criminal organization and facilitation of migrants

Criminal case against Panagiotis Dimitras for criminal organization and facilitation of migrants

Goss’s state attorney’s office brought criminal proceedings against him Panagiotis Dimitras, Director of the Hellenic Observatory of the Helsinki Agreements (EPSE), Criminal Organization and Facilitation of Migrants. At the same time, the organization’s founder and director, Tommy Olson, was sued Aegean Yacht Report.

Mr. Dimitras and Mr. Both Olsen were accused of “creating a criminal organization with the aim of obtaining information from third-country nationals attempting to illegally enter Greece and sending them all to the authorities for their illegal entry and stay. In order for the latter to be subject to asylum procedures, inform them and their exact location in the country”.

All this with the worst situation to commit these crimes “professionally, there is an intention to repeat the act from the infrastructure he created (ie, the operation of the Hellenic Monitoring System of the Helsinki Agreements). Income”.

Recently the Aegean Boat Report republished Ankara’s fake news that Greece is militarizing the Greek islands.

In fact, both the Turkish news agency Anadolu and neighboring media outlets republished the Aegean boat report to create a “flag” and repeated complaints against Greece. Anatoly notes that a comparable NGO confirms: “Turkey’s opposition to the militarization of Greek islands in the Aegean suggests that such a move could be a ‘provocation’.”

“Norway-based NGO Aegean Yacht Report interpreted arming of Greek islands in the Aegean as a provocation. Athens is lying,” wrote Yeni Agit. “The Norwegian-based Aegean boat report revealed the facts. The NGO sent a message to the Prime Minister of Greece, Kyriakos Mitsotakis: “Arming the Aegean islands is a challenge and Turkey is right about the refugees.” An article in Saba newspaper commented: “Norwegian NGO exposed Greece’s game. in the islands. Turkey is right: Lausanne has been violated”.

“Norway’s MKO Aegean boat report called the equipment of the Greek islands in the Aegean a challenge,” writes the Greek edition of the TRT network. Who is “Aegean Boat Report” Questions are created by the NGO “Aegean Boat Report” in the Aegean Islands.

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