September 29, 2023

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Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion won’t change the original story

Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion won't change the original story

Armored man with long silver hair stands on an industrial background.

screenshot: Square Enix

We got a bunch of information about Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Today, including major news that a featured script on Sephiroth’s extensive hair care routine will be ported from the original game.

Reunion It is, as the name implies, Next remastered re-release From The essence of the crisisan action RPG on PlayStation Portable from 2007 that was a prequel to Final Fantasy VII. When you hit every platform game under the sun later this year, Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Reunion It will feature more voice acting, improved visuals, and new gameplay elements, but Square Enix plans to keep everything else as is.

talk with EurogamerProducer Mariko Sato explained that the original The essence of the crisis The story is still intact Reunionas opposed to what is currently being done Final Fantasy VII Triple Remake. Reunion It largely aims to reintroduce players to The essence of the crisis protagonist and Final Fantasy VII The background of the character Zack Fair, whose role is expanding in remake a story.

“If you play [Final Fantasy VII Remake]or the original, you’ll probably know Zack is the first remake The game where it did not appear at that point in the story originally Final Fantasy 7,” He said Reunion Executive Producer Yoshinori Kitas. “So he turned out more than he was. We thought the people who started the story out there really wanted to know more about this character.”

Square Enix

But let’s be honest: Although it was nice to see Zack’s backstory, it was his biggest moment Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy VII When we learned how evil Sephiroth keeps his long hair super luxurious. Over the course of the original game, Zack can join the Sephiroth fan club known as Silver Elite He sends him emails With trivia about their silver champ, including his hair care routine.

The introductory message after Zack enlists with the Silver Elite reads as follows:

Dear members of the Silver Elite:

In this update, we present another piece of Sephiroth trivia—the secrets to his beautiful long hair.

The hair products he uses are of the highest grade, made and supplied by the Shinra Company.

He seems to use one whole bottle of both shampoo and conditioner every time he washes his hair.

They are scented with thirteen kinds of perfumes, including Rose and Vanilla.

Apparently, the scent in the air after Sephiroth tosses his hair changes daily!

I don’t need to tell even the most hygienic gamers out there that that’s a lot of shampoo and conditioner. How does Sephiroth even find the time to use that much product between all his war crimes? Kudos for the dedication to maintaining that beautiful head of hair, but damn, does Sephiroth always have to be so extra?

“I think [Crisis Core’s story] It has stood the test of time,” said Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura, a man with His own penchant for drama. “It’s something that is very much appreciated by people. And when I look at the story and how it’s put together, I don’t really find many flaws in it. I think it’s still a very complete story and almost perfectly put together in so many ways.”

Essence of Crisis: Final Fantasy VII Reunion Coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC sometime in late 2022.

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