July 14, 2024

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Elden Ring Modding Magic means that bosses can now fight each other

Elden Ring Modding Magic means that bosses can now fight each other

Al-Ayoun Modder Garden who work in games like blood borne It has been shown here beforeNow, start digging Elden Ring files and play with things.

Results? Bosses fighting other bosses, with no human figure and the resulting frustration in sight. It’s something that Garden of Eyes has a lot of experience with; Their Patreon is specifically set up to create this type of contentAnd they previously uploaded videos like this one who has a boss from him Dark Souls 3 boss fight from blood borne:

about elden ringDespite this, they picked the two bosses that many of you would probably like to see in this scenario: Malenia, the star of the game’s promo, and Starscourge Radahn, Who is it officially Elden Ring best character. To make this fight fit, there are three rounds, and you can see who will emerge victorious below:

It’s not the most streamlined and elegant of combat, outside of pretty little preludes, but that’s not the point; It’s very exciting to see the AI ​​of each character working against something that you are not.

While we’ve featured Garden of Eyes mods work before, They are also one of the moderators responsible for searching the game code and sharing the locations of the “Three Unlockable Colosseum Doors”which many now speculate would form the basis of a species Update is coming sometimes In the future:

YouTuber Garden of Eyes wasn’t like that the first To upload a video about these hidden areas, but their posts go into a great deal of detail about the Colosseum in Leyndell, Northern Limgrave and Caelid. All of these are completely built in locations and even feature collisions, which determine whether or not your character cuts through certain objects. In the video, you can watch the distorted scenes breaking several jars by running into them. At the end of all the corridors you can see a completely built Colosseum with hundreds of seats. If it wasn’t for the lands in between a barren wasteland, it would be a perfect place to show your boss killing skills.