December 6, 2023

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Enable Copilot in Windows 11 with one click

Enable Copilot in Windows 11 with one click

Microsoft already has the big September Update that brings many of the new features of Windows 11 23H2 straight to version 22H2. But those of us who have it installed will find that the most useful new feature, Windows Copilot, is missing. Fortunately, we can all activate it quickly and easily here and now within the operating system.

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Activate Windows Assistant

Although Copilot was expected to be available worldwide, Microsoft has blocked the European Union (EU) from launching it, at least for now, due to the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

In case you didn’t know, the European Union earlier this month banned the Windows AI service, along with 22 other services, because it believed they were indirectly promoting monopoly.

Under the new law, Microsoft has decided not to launch Copilot in the EU until the company can find a DMA-compliant solution. In one Company statement On a German Windows website, Microsoft confirmed that it is working on changes to make Copilot compliant with the law.

However, we can activate it very easily. Of course, it is enough to perform the big September update using Moment 4 (Build 22631.2361 – KB5030310).

As we mentioned in the previous guide, this is the confusion caused by Microsoft’s sudden change, where all the new features that were previewed for Windows 11 23H2 have finally appeared in the current version 22H2.

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So, all we have to do to activate Copilot on PC, is open it application pressure at the same time Windows + R. Then, simply enter the following and press OK.


Windows Copilot 2

Shortly after, the new AI tool will be pinned to the right of the desktop so we can use it whenever we want.

Windows Copilot 2αα

Enabling Microsoft’s AI tool using this command will not install it permanently in Windows 11.

However, after each Windows restart, we can simply open Run where the previous command we used will usually be saved, so we just press OK.

Of course, once Microsoft finds common ground with EU regulators, there will certainly be some updates to permanently lock us onto Windows 11 22H2, as well as the new 23H2 release which appears to be delayed for reasons we recently outlined.

Is Microsoft Copilot useful?

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