April 18, 2024

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Fast Track or Javanese Javanese?

Fast Track or Javanese Javanese?

Do you drop in the future? Suppose the Minister of Transport in the next government takes the angry words heard today and decides that within a year he will turn Greek trains into a model of railway safety. So he pinches the necessary billions from the Greek budget and from European funds, selects the largest and most solvent companies in the world and gives them the job as much as possible, on the condition that within six months we will have the safest and most modern one. Railways in Europe.

How do you see the plan? good; spirit these days? Does he respond to the popular anger over the dead and the outpouring of condemnation from the media and the opposition? Personally, I wouldn’t mind finding such a bold minister, because only in this way will the country be able to get the trains it deserves. Otherwise, he would get stuck in the railroad mud that drowns us today.

But to be honest, if the next Minister of Transport were a personal friend of mine and I wanted to protect him, even if he asked me, I would say “better cut off your hand than do such nonsense.” Why stop him? But because I have experienced and prepared for what we are going through today, so I know very well their future outcome. which I mean; Whoever believes what he hears and reads today will be in prison tomorrow. Clear conversations.

Why; But because as soon as he begins direct tasks and urgent actions, and since in a few months what he hears today will be forgotten, a new metaphor will begin. To whom; to his loved ones? to his supporters? to his associates? Or some bananas? Inside…a prison..”

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And if he dares to remember the popular outcry overflowing today that led him to fast-track measures so that we never have an accident again, he will hear a solemn voice “Okay now, that’s what everyone says, tell him so. Prosecutor…” So, groomsmen, no You place a lot of hope on the bright (or other) future of our railway. Everything will be done, but not the fast track. They will be back and forth.