October 4, 2023

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French “comeback” with new improved proposal for Govind Corvette

French “comeback” with new improved proposal for Govind Corvette

Gowind corvettes and the possibility of building warships from the Scaramaga shipyards is a new very attractive proposal, the naval group prevailed in the French fierce “naval war” and returned with the aim of winning the project only. Achieving wider cooperation with Greece and the Navy.

According to the absolutely correct information of Newpost, the proposal is expected to be submitted in the next 24 hours and will contain their own response to the pressure that the French “Colbo Grosso” and the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni are going to exert. Athens about Doha warships. The Navy group’s “DMIMK” comes at a time when the Navy is under intense pressure to contract with American second-hand LCS, which has strong objections from Navy personnel.

Newpost’s sources spoke of a complete proposal package for corvettes that would fully meet the operational requirements of the Navy, training, support and weapons, but also the economic and technical area related to reimbursing the corvettes. The installments are spread over 10 years evenly and not with the logic of higher advances usually done in equipment contracts.

In addition, the French play the “card” of the Greek shipyards very strongly, especially if the Skaramangas shipyards win the “naval battle” and win the corvette project, they have already come to an agreement.

But in an attempt to make Greece even more attractive, the naval group is proposing a plan to transfer know-how and complete construction to Greek shipyards, not just for the Govind corvettes to meet Athens demand. Large ships.

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So within five years Greece will be ready to build ships with displacement. Everything indicates that the proposal to build Belharra warships in Scaramangas will be the next step in the continuation of the Greek FDI shipbuilding program in French shipyards.

With the major advantage of uniformity, the Navy group offers the Govind corvettes to the Navy, which have a high degree of interoperability with the Belhara warships in almost all systems, both in terms of propulsion, electronic equipment and ship’s armament. Anti-submarine warfare refers to surface warfare or anti-aircraft warfare.

A particularly important advantage in matters of training, maintenance and support of vessels. The French insist that the Govinds have already been tested and that a total of 17 similar ships will be built and serve many countries in the coming years.

The proposal will highlight the benefits to the Department of Homeland Security and will certainly improve the Scaramanga shipyards, where at least 2,000 jobs will be created. All this within the broader framework of the defense agreement between Greece and France, which has been developed in recent years with a series of agreements at the arms and geostrategic level.