October 4, 2023

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Google Chrome will be stricter with the files you download

Google Chrome will be stricter with the files you download

the Google announced that it plans to add several new security features to the ChromTo improve user experience.

The first of these is Automatically upgrade all URLs from http:// to https://. Soon the browser will automatically use the more secure version of the protocol as packets are encrypted. The browser will always test the upgrade, on every link, and will display http:// webpages only if changing to https:// doesn’t work.

Yes, Google Chrome will also get stricter with the files you download. In mid-September, the program will get a new feature that will warn users if they try to download a file from a website where the connection is not secure. You can see the message that will appear below:

But the new additions don’t stop there. Google is another new feature that will warn users if they still have an extension installed that has been removed from the Chrome Web Store. This feature will arrive with Chrome 117 and wants to make it easy for users to easily and timely identify which extensions need to be removed because they are considered malware or because they violate other rules of the Chrome Web Store.

A related section will be added to the Privacy and Security tab in the program’s settings, as you can see below.

More information can be found in the related Google post Click here.

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