April 1, 2023

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Grants: Young Professionals funding applications through Monday

On Monday, March 13, 2023, the deadline for submitting e-funding applications for the second cycle of the “Business Initiatives Grant Program for the Employment of Young Freelancers 18-29 Years Old with a Focus on the Digital Economy” ends.

The aim of the action, which will last for 12 months, is to promote the self-employment of 1,500 unemployed youth through the creation of sustainable businesses, with a focus on the digital economy.

The scholarship amounts to €14,800 and will be paid in three installments as follows:

The first installment of 4,000 euros after the start of activity in the DOU

Second installment of €5,400 after the end of the first semester from the beginning

Third installment of €5,400, after the end of the second semester from the beginning.

The beneficiaries of the measure are unemployed persons between the ages of 18 and 29 registered in the DYPA register, who submit a funding application and business plan proposal through the Government Aid Information System (PSKE) of the Ministry of Development and Investment at the address https://www.ependyseis.gr

The programme, with a total budget of €45,000,000, is co-financed by the Greek State and the European Social Fund – Youth Employment Initiative within the Operational Program “Human Resource Development, Education and Lifelong Learning 2014-2020”.

For more information, interested parties can visit the DYPA website www.dypa.gov.gr

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