September 29, 2023

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“I feel like I slept with Katrina Stannis”

“I feel like I slept with Katrina Stannis”

With a tender video of him lying in her arms Iwana Tunisia Good morning to his online friends Q Dimitris Alexandru.

On his name day, he posted a story video on his personal Instagram account, in which he and his girlfriend comment on her intense makeup from the night before.

“I was so tired yesterday”Ioana Tunis can be heard saying in the video, with Dimitris Alexandru replying to her with humor: “Yeah, but I feel like I slept with Katrina Stannis.”

Yes, but Katrina Stannis’ makeup took a long time. The influencer responded when she was seven months pregnant, and then wished him a “Happy Birthday” for his celebration. The couple is preparing to welcome their son into the world in a few weeks.

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