March 29, 2023

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iPhone SE 4 will try to “steal” Samsung’s budget customers

Apple may not be known for its budget phone offerings, but that hasn’t stopped the Cupertino company from having 8 of the top 10 best selling phones worldwide for 2022. That alone shows the iPhone’s massive popularity, but Apple doesn’t stop there. .

Rumors of what’s to come iPhone SE 4 It has been intense for a long time and it seems that Apple will try to “beat” the popular Samsung Galaxy A53 and Google Pixel 6a, both in terms of features and price.

The presentation time of the new device tends to be closer to the spring of 2024, according to the most reliable rumors. The biggest surprise is that the SE 4 will likely ditch the more than nine-year-old design and come with a more modern design similar to the iPhone 14.

The rumors so far refer to the technical characteristics:

  • 6.1-inch OLED display at 60Hz
  • A16 Bionic SoC
  • 4-6 GB RAM
  • 128 GB storage space
  • USB-C port, but at USB 2.0 speeds
  • Single 12MP rear camera and 12MP selfie camera with FaceID

Also expected changes in pricing policy. The 2022 iPhone SE launched at $430 and is unlikely to stay at the same price, first because of the new technologies it will include and second because of the ever-increasing prices we’ve seen on the rest of Apple’s models. Analysts expect a price near $500 in the US.

Samsung and Apple have very different strategies for attracting customers who want something more affordable than their flagship. The first offers its mid-range battery large batteries, high refresh rate screens and multiple cameras, while the second offers a popular design and the most advanced chip on the market. And based on recent sales numbers, Apple’s strategy appears to be paying off.

Apple hopes that in addition to everyone’s software preferences, offering the best SoC, OLED display, and FaceID will be enough to take a bigger piece of the pie in the mid-range category.

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