December 3, 2022

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Iranian government newspaper welcomes the attack on Salman Rushdie | Atalayar

Iranian government newspaper welcomes the attack on Salman Rushdie |  Atalayar

Iran’s Kayhan newspaper, which is funded by the Ayatollah regime, published an editorial on Saturday expressing “joy” at Friday’s attack. Against the Indian writer Salman Rushdie.

The editorial celebrated the attack and The attacker thanked Rushdie. For its part, the Iranian state has not yet made any official comment on the attack.

Rushdie was attacked Friday in New York as he was preparing to give a lecture at a cultural center. The attacker stabbed him in the neck and several other places on his body. Rushdie survived, but is in critical condition In an American hospital, on life support machines.

According to a statement from his agent, Rushdie is at risk of losing his eye, has liver damage and nerve damage in one of his arms. According to the New York State Police, the assailant was arrested. IA 24-year-old Muslim male. A resident of neighboring New Jersey. The reason for the attack has not been revealed, but everything indicates that it was a terrorist attack motivated by the Indian writer’s hatred of radical Islam.

Rushdie has had the Iranian regime’s Damocles sword around his neck since 1989, when the former Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against the writer for publishing his most popular novel, Satanic Verses.

Since then, Rushdie has been under protection, including from the British state. Rarely appears in public His whereabouts are often unknown due to threats.

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