December 3, 2023

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It’s official! Finally the gray color of the cars

It’s official!  Finally the gray color of the cars

Cars: The times call for color and happy feelings. The gray color appears to not match the data of that time. All developments at

Electrification and the general shift towards a more sustainable means of transportation seem to want to interfere with the public’s tastes as well. The gray color in cars is now in the spotlight.

This shade is one of the most popular shades for cars around the world. But Fiat decided in the first place to stop offering this option, preferring brighter colors.

The new all-electric Fiat 600e, which was launched on July 4, is the first car from the Italian company to follow this tactic. To show its “colourful” future, Fiat placed the 600e inside a huge bucket of orange.

Fiat wants the absence of gray to become a key feature of Fiat in the automotive market and make it a color sign that comes from the land of colors, as the company slogan says.

In this context, the shades of current and future Fiat models are inspired by the sea, sun, earth and sky of Italy.

The colors already available for all the company’s models all have bold shades and very interesting names, such as Gelato White, Sicilia orange, Paprika orange, Passione red, Blu Dipinto di Blu, Italia blue, Venezia blue, Rugiada green, Foresta green, Rose. Gold and black cinema.

In the company’s video titled “Operation No Grey,” Fiat CEO Olivier François also jumps into the huge orange bucket, inside a silver Fiat 600e.

Fiat’s boss, according to newsauto, criticized other carmakers for their commitment to grey, and admitted that this color is an easy sell, because it is so popular.

But he stresses that Italy is a different country, full of color and intense performance, so this should also be reflected in its cars.

Cars: No more cell phones – the radar will register us

Cameras that detect drivers using a mobile phone are now being rolled out around the world as part of road safety checks.

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These cameras are used to detect and prevent illegal use of mobile phones while driving, which greatly increases the risk of accidents.

It is noteworthy that research has proven that using a mobile phone while driving is associated with a five times greater decrease in the driver’s attention and senses than when he is drunk.

The cameras work through high-precision sensors and artificial intelligence. They detect the driver and passenger in the car and can tell if they are using a mobile phone. The system works day and night and under any weather conditions.

Actual image of this particular system

If they detect illegal use, they record the violation and send the information to the authorities who will confirm the fine.

Obviously there are concerns about data privacy and accuracy of this technology. There is no doubt that there should be a corresponding legislative regulation.

However, in Australia, the New South Wales government has implemented a new AI-based camera system designed to detect mobile phone use in cars.

This program has performed 135 million checks in NSW from 2019 to now 2023!

Cars: Where do they put the fixed speed radars in Al Wataniya?

New and advanced surveillance cameras will be installed immediately on the national highway…

More specifically, drivers crossing the A.Th.E. (Athens-Thessaloniki-Evzouni) will be under strict supervision, as there will be advanced speed radars that detect drivers who exceed the speed limits.

Potential… Schumacher who ignores speed limits, They will be monitored by speed cameras Using the TraffiStar S290 M vehicle registration system.

Installation of radars It is located in the Rahas-Fthiotida-Klidi Imathia section, with a length of 230 kmIt comes as part of the efforts to enhance road safety announced by Aegean Motorway. The radars were handed over to PATH.E. Magnesia from Autokintodromos AE Aegean Sea,

side by side, Using the latest technologies, Means and Resources “Autokintodromos Aegean SA” announces initiatives for:

  • To have the ability to quickly locate any vehicles moving in the opposite direction
  • Ensure the establishment of appropriate and protected areas for the comfort of heavy vehicle drivers
  • To ensure and enhance control of driver fatigue

In this context, the Aegean Highway It equipped and strengthened the training of Greek police officers with:

  • Delivery of the TraffiStar S290M system Vehicle registration and photography Who break the speed limit with technology radar To strengthen the police in the Highway Traffic Department PATH.E. Magnesia and training its employees.
  • For any oncoming vehicles, display Oncoming vehicle detection system To strengthen the police in Leptokaryas in Highway Traffic Department PATH.E. Beria.
  • Create a safe space for safe parking of heavy vehicles To Aerino Magnesia, in order to address the problem of fatigue of heavy vehicle drivers in road transport of passengers and goods. The site is in the final phase of construction and is expected to be operational during the summer.
  • education of police authorities on the subject of improving policing and Control of “smart” tachographs.

To address the risks posed by poorly loaded and poorly maintained heavy vehicles, which are primarily responsible for 14% of road obstruction-related accidents, the company has done the following:

  • It covers the training needs of police authorities on the subject of improving policing and oversight Poorly loaded heavy vehicles.

While – again with regard to the vehicle as a causal factor in road accidents – for overloaded heavy vehicles, which is estimated at 10% of heavy vehicles, the response measures are covered by the three:

  • Provide mobile system Static weight of heavy vehicles To reinforce the police in the traffic departments on the Magnesia and Berea highways.
  • Training workers in highway traffic departments on the fixed weight system for heavy vehicles
  • High speed systems Weight in motion HS-WIM (High speed – weight while moving).
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For the sake of road environment and reduction of associated accidents, the Aegean Highway grants the municipalities of Almyros and Riga Virai one Sprinter van (Mercedes) in order to reinforce their important efforts to Collecting stray dogs In their area of ​​responsibility, systematically informing the state of the issue of illegal boarding and disembarkation of passengers on intercity buses in unsafe areas.

In addition to the above initiatives, the company is proactively dealing with the possibility of fires in electric vehicles, the number of which is also increasing in Greece, equipping fire stations in Leptokaria, Drimonas and Birgitos with emergency equipment for the first time in Greece. :

  • Donate fire-resistant blankets to prevent the spread of fire
  • Donate emergency jacks to immobilize vehicles and protect operating personnel.

A further pioneering measure to improve road safety is the system Automatic detection of ADR compounds Inside the tunnels (via LPR/ANPR cameras) in combination with the weighing system in motion, which will monitor in real time the category of dangerous goods and the weight of vehicles carrying hazardous or flammable materials inside the tunnels.

Since 2015, Aegean Highway aims to create a culture of road safety among future drivers, by implementing training in cooperation with the Road Safety Institute “Panos Milonas” for school students, but also for teachers and parents, through a special interaction approved by the Ministry. Of education programmes. To date, more than 11,500 people have been trained through these procedures.

Road safety is at the core of the work and vision of the Aegean Highway, which through its initiatives aims to create conditions that will lead to “Vision Zero” by 2050, i.e. zero traffic accidents.