May 18, 2024

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Joe Biden’s first State of the Union address – Escompre

The Democrats devoted one-third of his speech to the crisis in Europe

Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden said he did not “know what awaits him”, while announcing that his country would close its airspace to Moscow. (Photo: Rebel Radio)

US President Joe Biden gave his vision for the country in his first State of the Union address during his term. Ahead of both chambers of Congress, the Democrats devoted one-third of their speech to the crisis in Europe.

Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden said he did not “know what awaits him”, while announcing that his country would close its airspace to Moscow. “We, along with our allies, will close US airspace to all Russian aircraft, further isolate Russia and further stifle its economy,” Trump said.

A White House spokesman, Jen Psaki, confirmed Monday that Washington’s decision was not easy, and that it would certainly provoke Moscow’s reciprocal action because of the multiple routes of its flights. They are flying over Russia to go to Asia.

The US president reiterated that his forces were not trying to confront Russian troops in Ukraine. “Our forces are not going to Europe to fight in Ukraine, but to protect our NATO allies,” he said.

The talk lasted 62 minutes. And domestically, the most important issues are epidemics and inflation. Issues such as border security or police funding are important today.

Biden called on Congress to approve immigration reform that would allow millions of undocumented immigrants living in the country to have access to citizenship.

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“Immigration reform is something that everyone from the unions to the clergy and the American Chamber of Commerce will support. We will recognize it once and for all,” he stressed.

The US president also announced that he would release 30 million barrels of crude oil to avert an energy crisis.


In a CNN poll of those who watched Biden’s first State of the Union speech, 41% of respondents had a very positive reaction to Biden’s comments, 29% had a somewhat positive reaction, and 29% had a negative reaction to his speech.

The U.S. Chain points out that “in about 15 years after the State of the Union address, the immediate turnout was 41 percent, the lowest positive level.”

Another recent poll confirms that nearly 60 percent of Americans do not agree with President Biden’s action, according to a new CNN poll released Thursday.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans say they refuse to accept his job, and only 41 percent approve of it. In a similar poll in December, 49 percent of Americans agreed and 51 percent disagreed.

In a new poll, 36 percent of independents and 9 percent of Republicans voted in favor of the presidency.

83% of Democrats accept the presidency, but that number is down from 94% last summer.

Biden knows he must capture both of Capitol’s chambers if he wants to win next November’s assembly election.

Republican reactions

Governor Kim Reynolds, R-Iowa, provided the GOP’s response to the State of the Union speech.

“As governor of our state, mother and grandmother of 11 children, I have heard that you are concerned that our country is going down the wrong path,” he began his speech.

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“We are one year into his presidency, and instead of moving the United States forward, it feels like President Biden and his party took us back to the late 1970s and early 1980s, when a wave of violent crime ravaged fleeing infant families. The Soviet army is tearing our cities apart. Tried to redraw the map.

On the other hand, two of Florida’s leading Republicans tried to stay out of the talks. Senator Marco Rubio announced last month that he was boycotting the intervention due to strict COVID-19 guidelines, while Governor Ron Desantis rejected a request to send a National Guard to Washington to support security. “Last week, the Biden administration sought the help of the state National Guard in Washington DC. I have rejected this request; Fiden’s State of the Union address will not be sent to the capital @FLGuard, ” Desandis, a Republican and 2024 presidential candidate, said on Twitter on Monday.