December 7, 2022

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Mercury in Scorpio 10/29/2022 – 11/17/2022: Secrets and Revelations

Mercury in Scorpio 10/29/2022 – 11/17/2022: Secrets and Revelations

When Mercury enters the sign of Scorpio, the intellect gains depth and the mind searches for essence. While Mercury in Libra last time urged us to find the golden ratio and think of fair and diplomatic solutions to situations, Mercury in Scorpio invites us to accept the fact that sometimes the opinion of the strongest prevails. It reminds us that constant retreat and diplomacy may seem to maintain balance, but in the end it leads us away from the true goal and deprives us to a degree of meaningful communication with others. Mercury will leave the regenerative Libra and enter the water sign of Scorpio on October 29, 2022 and will remain in this sign until November 17, 2022. During these days we will feel the need to read beyond words, search for hidden truth, and discover the darkest motives around us. It is a period when we find it difficult to stay on the surface and not cover it up with what appears to us. Nothing goes unnoticed now and intuition is especially heightened. For this reason, others hardly succeed in deceiving us. With Mercury in this powerful sign, we feel that we can influence and control the other person with just one word.

raw honesty

There is no place here for politeness and good manners if it serves no purpose. Light, shallow communication lends itself to outright honesty. The words are sharp and can hit the weakest point of the other if necessary. Honesty and straightforwardness is a one-way street with Mercury in Scorpio, but it sure isn’t reckless. Instead, we are given the opportunity to make a detailed plan and analyze all possible options before acting.

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Now is the time to face the hard facts and find meaningful solutions to the issues that matter to us through constructive discussions.

Obsessions and negative thoughts

However, it is possible for the mind during this time to get lost in obsessive thoughts or negative thoughts, and become overly suspicious if we find it difficult to manage our strong emotions or they are repressed to the surface.

With Mercury in Scorpio, we arm ourselves with stubbornness and perseverance. We become aware of things we might not have cared about before. We are prepared to deal with the worst possible scenario in our minds. Even if it doesn’t.

Although we may find it difficult to judge situations completely objectively and separately, what is important is that we connect with our deepest thoughts and invite us to shed light on the darkest sides of our minds.

Let’s see briefly how Mercury in Scorpio will affect 12 signs


Find solutions in third party finances or anything to do with loans, accounts and taxes. Your relationships become deeper and more passionate. In addition, it is possible that you are in contact with a romantic partner from the past.


You focus on your personal relationships and partnerships and engage in meaningful dialogue that can provide solutions. Listen carefully to what your partner or close partner is saying.


With your ruler in Scorpio, relationships with colleagues come to the fore, but you find it difficult to trust them. Take care of your body and do activities that will relieve you of everyday stress.

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You are in a creative phase and you can express yourself more easily. You exude intense magnetism and have more confidence. Fun, flirtation and love games in the days program.


You will be particularly interested in the issues of your home and family. He prefers movements and renewals, as well as getting close to loved ones.


With your ruler in the sign of Scorpio, you can express your opinions and thoughts more comfortably. However, you should be measured by what you say and be careful not to be too judgmental.


Find ways to increase your income or find solutions to practical problems. In your relationships, you must be careful not to be overly jealous or possessive.

The scorpion

Mercury in your sign comes to help you conquer your goals, make new beginnings and claim what you deserve. You are fully committed to your cause and you must remember that words are your weapon.


You may be less communicative than you’re used to, and you’d probably prefer staying with yourself and your thoughts for a while. Secret communications and backstory will play a decisive role in the course of events. Listen to your intuition.


Your attention is focused on your friendships, teamwork, goals, and social environment. Anything related to teamwork, internet and innovative ideas is preferred.


Mercury in Scorpio comes to bring about advancements in your career and to help you manage problems with bosses and authority figures. You have stubbornness and persuasion to overcome your goals.

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This position of Mercury brings to your mind thoughts of expansion and the desire for new knowledge and experiences. He prefers studies, travel and contacts with people who can open new horizons.