May 18, 2024

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Mexico-Cuba relations, at one point, 20 years after “Comes Why They Was”

Mexico-Cuba relations, at one point, 20 years after “Comes Why They Was”

Havana.— Relationships between Mexico And Cuba They are going through a good moment, reinforced by the visit of the Mexican President to Havana in May. Andres Manuel Lopez Workshop20 years after the incident “You eat and go”One of the recent bilateral crises.

The then President of Cuba Fidel Castro, The man, who died in 2016, shocked those attending an extraordinary summit in the United States in the Mexican city of Monterrey.

During the event, which ran from March 18 to 22, 2002, Castro lamented in his first and last speech, “I apologize to everyone for not being able to continue with you because of a special circumstance created by my participation.” .

A few months later, in April 2002, the federal government aired a telephone conversation between the two presidents. Vincent Fox (Conservative National Action Party, Pan) and explained what happened before the Castro March summit.

“When the show and participation is over, we’ll tell you to come back (…) and let me go, and I’m going to make you a request on Friday that you do not complicate me. Fox asked Castro in a call.

The day after Castro’s speech and farewell (one Thursday) there will be a meal between the heads of state attending the US President. George W. BushFox was the guest with whom Cuban did not want to run.

In a trick to avoid conflict, he invited President Castro to sit down for lunch before leaving. Thus the controversy arose “You eat and you go”.

“I do not see any alternative to what existed, we must take into account the set of factors,” he reaffirms. Jorge CastanedaIn a telephone interview with the EFE, the Mexican Foreign Minister from 2000 to 2003.

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Degeneration from the 90s

Castaneda insists the connections were already broken during the presidency Ernest Jedillo (1994-2000), of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Who called for democracy on the island.

This expansion continued in 1998, when the Insular leader was criticized for being compatible with Mexico.ImperialismAmerican And the Mexicans criticized “Mickey Mouse as more than their heroes.”

Two years later, in 2004, Fox expelled the Cuban ambassador and withdrew its ambassador to the island for almost three months.

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“It was poorly implemented and arrogant on the part of the Mexican government. They could have done it another way to negotiate with Fidel, but they did not care,” he told Efe. Daisy Lopez de LauraAcademician in the Department of International Relations at the American University of Puebla (Utlap)

To Cuba Rafael RojasThe Fox administration, a professor at the Center for Historical Studies in Colegio de México, has no “expertise” in its dealings with Castro.

“They did not notice the accumulation of discomfort, disagreement and irritability around Mexico’s position in Cuba (since the Setil years),” he says.

During the Fox years, Havana had already shown its dissatisfaction with Mexico’s vote against the island at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland. “It shattered the relationship,” Castaneda insists.

Dissolving with pen nitto

Experts agree that a “scar surgery” began when the Fox government ended Philip CalderonAlso worked with PAN (2006-2012) Enrique Pena Nieto (PRI, from 2012-2018).

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In 2015, Cuba and Mexico announced a “resumption” of their bilateral relations.

In addition, Peña visited Nieto Island – already with Raul Castro Led by the government – held a private meeting with Fidel the same year.

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In this way, the two countries resumed the special bond they had maintained since their victory Revolution in 1959 Mexico was the only Latin American country not to sever ties with Havana after the missile crisis in 1962.

“If you revisit the history of the relationship, it will always be more political than pendulum and economy,” he promised in an interview with Efe via Zoom. Maria Christina RosasNational Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

According to 2019 data from the island’s National Statistics and Information Office (ONEI), Mexico is one of Havana’s 10 main trading partners, but is far from other economies such as Venezuela, China, Spain and Canada.

Lopez Obrador’s approach

Analysts assure that the state of relations has been enjoying a pleasant moment since the Left came to power in 2018. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Invited the Mexican President Miguel DiazChannel He called for an end to the US embargo on the island in celebration of independence in September.

In the wake of the migration crisis, the Mexican president announced his visit to Cuba next May.

According to Customs and Border Security (CBP) In the last five months, 47,331 Cubans have entered North America illegally from the United States.

A representative of the National Regeneration Movement, a preview of Lopez Obrador’s trip.Beauty), Arrived in the island last week to meet with the Communist Party government and officials.

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