October 4, 2023

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Michalis Katsouris: They knew about the Croatian attack, but they expected it elsewhere – Newsbomb – News

Michalis Katsouris: They knew about the Croatian attack, but they expected it elsewhere – Newsbomb – News

“Her thugs Dinamo Zagreb They are getting ready to do something.” According to a report by EL.AS informants Vima tis Kyriaki and Vassilis Lambropoulos to MEGA, this warning was given some 24 hours before the events outside the AEK stadium. murder 29 years old Michalis Katsouri at New Philadelphia.

In fact, according to the report of the police editor, there was information that the Croats were thugs They won’t score outside the AEK stadium But still They will test the AEK connection In Argentina Square, in November 2018 there were clashes between Greeks with the participation of Ajax fans.

According to the same report, EL.AS. He had a feeling something was going to happen. The attack is believed to have happened last Tuesday morning or evening after the AEK – Dynamo match. Except the bloody clash took place eight kilometers away from the EL.AS calculated location. And hours earlier, 29-year-old Michalis Katsoris was murdered.

70 people are in custody for the events in New Philadelphia and the murder of Michalis Katsoris.

They were declared temporary prisoners And 40 defendants from the second group of those arrested An apologist for the murderous massacres in New Philadelphia Michalis KatsourisEarly morning on Monday 08/8.

There is one of them Greece, 26 years oldThe remaining 39 were Croatian thugs from the “Phalanx” who came to Greece from Zagreb.

The total number of people detained for incidents outside the “OPAP arena” has now risen to 70, two of whom are Greek.

All the accused have denied any involvement in the murder of the 29-year-old AEK fan and the bloody incidents.

It is noteworthy that on Friday, 30 defendants of the first group who apologized for the incidents were sentenced to detention.

Work has also begun to collect genetic material from the 105 people arrested, to identify the natural culprit of Michalis’ gruesome murder. The results are expected to be out on Wednesday.

“Dead children never leave the house,” says his brother Michalis Katsori

With an excerpt from the poem “Form without”. A written statement filed by lawyers for the family of Yannis Ritsos, 29, began. Michalis KatsouriWhere was killed After the incidents outside the AEK stadium New Philadelphia Last Monday night.

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“Dead children never leave their homes,” the memorandum says, adding that the family of 29-year-old Michalis Katsoris has asked for a full explanation of his murder and for accountability to be assigned.

“Dead children never leave their homes

They roam around there

Dead children don’t disappear. They love to stay indoors and play in the covered hallway and are growing every day

Inside our hearts

Hence the pain under our ribs

It is no longer from loss

But since the increase…

Sometimes what happens when women scream in their sleep

They’re getting stomach aches again…”

“I am asking for justice for my brother”, were the first words his brother Michalis Katsoris said to the television cameras.

Note – Request

A witness who supports a charge of felony murder.

To carry out investigative activities

Collection and preservation of evidence and preservation of traces of crime and for investigating the commission of other criminal acts

Your Honor, after the criminal negligence, inaction, tolerance and lack of understanding of the Greek police officers involved – from the time most of the defendants entered Greek territory until they carried out the murderous attack with common intent with their allies in Greece (the provocateurs called it the date) on July 7, 2023 in New Philadelphia. Those who were outside the grounds of “Agia Sophia” in – now a suspect by choice – I leave only you who represent Greek justice and Greece to fully clarify the case and hold accountable those responsible for creating the circumstances that led to the brutal murder of my brother.

To this end, I tentatively submit the following claims-thoughts: {knowing that they are already present in the mind of the natural judge}..

  • Collecting and making available to the trial all video material from the cameras of the defendants’ border entry points and customs checkpoints they passed through until their arrival in Attica.
  • To collect video material from the stations “PROASTIAKOS KORINTHOS”, “DUKISSIS PLAKENTIAS”, “PERISSOS”, “IRINI”, “PEFKAKIA”
  • To recover all data (messages, photos, incoming and outgoing calls and video footage) from electronic devices seized from the accused.
  • All information related to the tragic event and the presence of the defendants in Greece – conversations, statements and intercoms recorded in the EL.AS call center – must be made available to the investigation.
  • To find out if hostels are rented out in Greece and by whom.
  • To call witnesses from the victim and the police officers for a full investigation into the circumstances of the murderous attack carried out by the accused
  • At least the phones already seized and attributed to the defendants should be unsealed so that it can be established whether the foreign defendants were talking to Greek citizens and when the communication between them began.
  • As you ask, you should have at your disposal the result of the sworn administrative examination already conducted within the Hellenic Police.
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After receiving a copy of the case file and the defendants’ apologies, I reserve all my legal rights.

What did the 30 jailed thugs say?

Authorities are continuing to gather evidence Audiovisual material And DNA samples It is expected that the case will shed more light and reveal the culprit or culprits who committed the murder. Already 30 Of the 104 arrested, they went through an investigator and were remanded in custody while the pardon process continues over the weekend.

According to ERT, those arrested deny any involvement in the murder. His apology was typical A 27-year-old Greek The defendant, a hotel owner, had previously been concerned with the authorities for fan violence. “When I went to the spot, I saw them burning and I heard crackers and screams and swearing from those involved. I got scared and went to Perizos station. I don’t have anything captured. I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time“, he said among other things.

The 22 year old Albanian He said that he was accused knife found on him Work He mentioned that he was waiting for his girlfriend at Perizos station No involvement with chapters. At the same time, all Croats We have Same defensive lineIn it they say they went to New Philadelphia to watch their team practice and stumbled upon the episodes.

Who are the main suspects?

Authorities are questioning five of those arrested The main suspects in the fatal stabbing To a 29-year-old AEK fan. They were three Greeks, one Albanian and one Croatian.

Albanians and Croats were found with blood-soaked knives when arrested and immediately separated as suspects in the murder. Two out of three Greeks are organized fans of a Greek team, with serious criminal records.

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The The prime suspectHe is Greek, 27 years old and an old acquaintance of the police, who has been arrested four times:

  • 15/3/2018: Arrested along with 10-15 people for crowing a shop in Petralona
  • 20/2/2019: Robbed at knifepoint while passing through Ilion
  • 7/4/2019: Arrested with a knife in St. Petersburg
  • 6/11/2021: He was booked for arson, explosion, grievous bodily harm, damage to foreign property and robbery. He was arrested and jailed, but released on parole.

Her name reappears in the case file for a female-led criminal organization that organized raids, thefts and attacks on links in March 2022, but she was released pending trial, which was adjourned a few months ago, ERT reported.

His shop is located behind Panathinaikos Stadium on Alexandras Avenue By midday on Thursday, it had become a target Ten people on motorcycles without badges. The culprits broke windows and fled, while police believe it was retaliation by organized fans of another team.

The The second prime suspectGreece and he, 27, was arrested in February 2022 for participating in incidents of sports violence.

The A third suspect A Greek is also being sought, while he was identified from posts on social media where he announced his presence and participation in the protests.

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