May 18, 2024

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MWC 2023: the devices that “stole” the show

MWC 2023: the devices that “stole” the show

the MWC Barcelona It is one of the world’s leading events in the field of digital technologies and obviously the place where you will see innovative devices on display. As was the case in this year’s edition which is being held these days in Barcelona.


of the major manufacturers, the company thatLootingIt was the performance Xiaomi. This is because it announced the global availability of the models in the series Xiaomi 13which was introduced in China a few months ago but now it’s the rest of the world’s turn.

This series includes 3 models (Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 lite), which will be launched on the Greek market on March 15th. The peculiarity of the first two is the top camera system that Xiaomi has developed in collaboration with Leica and offers first-class photo and video capture capabilities.

Especially the system on the Xiaomi 13 Pro has to mention that the sensor in the main camera has a size of 1 inch, which changes the data in terms of image quality. In general, however, cooperation with Leica offers many additional possibilities as Xiaomi plays this “card” aggressively, trying to attract those users who focus particularly on the camera.

All models come with a new design that provides better grip in the hand, while the two top models are based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor. The screen size is 6.73 inches in the case of the Xiaomi 13 Pro and 6.36 inches in the Xiaomi 13, while both models come with fast charging: 67W for Xiaomi 13 and 120W for Xiaomi 13 Pro.

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As for Xiaomi 13 lite, it is more than thata light» A version with a dual front camera system and excellent performance for the cost of its acquisition.

The price of the Xiaomi 13 Pro with 12 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage will be 1399.90 euros, while the Xiaomi 13 with 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of storage will be priced at 999.90 euros, while in the case of the Xiaomi 13 lite (8 GB) memory and 256 GB of storage GB) at 549.90 euros.

In addition, Xiaomi introduced its new smart watch called Watch S1 Pro, which has a very nice design, as well as the Buds 4 Pro wireless earbuds. The latter are Xiaomi’s first wireless headphones with high-fidelity sound and a very nice design as the Chinese company seeks to appeal to the upper echelons of the market.

However, at the Xiaomi stand at MWC Barcelona, ​​many were impressed by the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, a typical smartphone whose rear camera can be equipped with Leica lenses used in DSLR cameras! The result is impressive and the future of photography is destined to be this way in the not too distant future.


One of the leading hardware manufacturers MWC23 Barcelona he is too TCLwhich has chosen to offer devices that offer an excellent price-performance ratio but also models that use innovative technologies in terms of screens, which is one of the strong “points” of the Chinese company.

As stated in CNN Greece Company executives, the goal is to offer affordable technological innovation without necessarily being the first manufacturer to do so. And this despite the fact that they have quite a few technological innovations. For example, TCL introduced a smartphone with a foldable screen, but did not release it, waiting for the conditions to “ripe” in order to rush to present a device with a particularly affordable price.

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The corresponding example could be the augmented reality glasses that he presented in Barcelona. interest with Raineo The X2 was mostly about the apps part where the TCL folks show an app that’s auto-translated from Chinese to English! That is, your interlocutor was speaking in Chinese, and you saw the English translation on the screen of the glasses! There was a slight delay, but the result was absolutely amazing.

From there, TCL announced 6 new smartphones for the European market and more specifically TCL TCL 406, TCL 403, TCL 40 R 5G, TCL 40SE, TCL 408 and TCL 405. More than 200 euros with TCL 40 R 5G stands out as a smartphone 5G is particularly affordable.

In addition, TCL also introduced the new series TabletsTab 11. The series has two models with the difference that one of them uses a screen with technology NXTPAPER 2.0 Which provides great brightness and better viewing from any point. This technology is one of TCL’s great assets and it is possible to see it in smartphones in the near future, as there are the relatively original models we saw in Barcelona.

Fast shipping

Among the new smartphone presentations in Barcelona was the Realme GT3. new “MainRealme stands out for one reason: it offers 240W fast charging! This is the fastest charge we’ve seen yet on a mass-produced smartphone as the manufacturer claims a full charge cycle (from 0% to 100% battery) takes just 9.5 minutes!

From there, the device has a noticeable notification system on the back and is generally one of the big “bets” of realme, which people have shown they want to give their brand an extra boost by betting from now on on innovative features.

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Folding devices

One of the main topics of discussion at MWC23 Barcelona is foldable devices. the OppoFor example, it has shown its own models (Find N2 Flip and Find N2 Fold) of which we will see the first on the Greek market. It should be noted that Oppo is affiliated with it OnePlus She said that she is preparing her own version of foldable smartphones in 2023, while Xiaomi also presented her own proposal (Mi Mix Fold). In general, the category of foldable devices will occupy us a lot in the coming years.

Of course, there are other suggestions. like her models Lenovo With rollable screens. Lenovo has created a foldable screen smartphone and laptop, it’s in prototype form but we’ve had a chance to see Barcelona and get a taste of what’s to come. However, Lenovo had the number 2 in its booththe The X1 Fold generation, the foldable laptop computer, is an impressive device with a lot of potential when it comes to practical use.